I ate like Tom Brady for a month

I ate like Tom Brady for a month

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I did it; I ate like Tom. And it was alright.

intro to tom – 0:00
unboxing – 5:57
tom’s products – 7:38
tom’s water – 11:08
tom’s book – 12:58
tom’s food – 15:00
tom’s workouts – 20:45
I am tom now – 22:58
my thoughts on TB12 – 24:47
the rest of the video – 30:52


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42 Responses

  1. jasmyn says:

    why wait 20 years when we can start to forget about you now

  2. Teagan S says:

    Drew using his finger chopsticks to eat carrots and apple slices in the last video suddenly makes a lot more sense

  3. SOFTDRINKTV says:

    Brady’s power comes from his kisses. The longer the kiss, the stronger he becomes

  4. Dani Calleiro says:

    I can’t get over how strong Drew’s glasses prescription is LOL

    • SouthParkFirefly says:

      @cosmic trickster Lol does it matter? I do too and who cares? You should try to get over that insecurity, it’s fine you’re not alone.

    • Djuntas says:

      Didnt think the prescription was something visible besides the thickness of the glasses. Im real blind without my glasses, to a point where I cant recognize faces from say 20 meters or prolly a lot less. It sucks, I hate having poor sight and I worry about it a lot…Also glasses are fucking shit bad insane costly…I can buy a new oled TV for the same money 2 glasses and the frame I like cost….In Denmark through, maybe prices higher here, but we really should get gourvement aid assistance cause its like 100.000 danish kroner down the drain throughout my life…And I guess lenses are costly to if you like to stick fingers in your eyes 🙂

    • Rider says:

      The only person who has any right to be talking about this right now is Drew himself, all we need is to hear him say if he cares when people talk about his prescription or not.

      If he says he does care we all apologize

      If he doesn’t care the everyone defending the first comment needs to apologize

      Jesus this is like the white girls getting offended for everyone else all over again

    • craio says:

      @Maclain Rivera neither yours

    • craio says:

      @me323me pick me

  5. Wes Releases says:

    Honestly, I think Drew’s at the top of his game and is easily the best creator in his genre. So many videos like this, where a person attempts to explore a topic or try a lifestyle, fall short of being comprehensive and leave me wishing the person was more honest and thorough. Drew’s videos don’t have that problem. It never feels like he’s afraid to offend anyone, yet he never says anything offensive. His comedy is rare form for this spheres of YouTube.

  6. Aaron says:

    Never seen something that so completely embodies the concept of “comically large” like the Big Tom. Every time it was on screen I started laughing.

    • Djuntas says:

      Man the toilet breaks is real through. Seriously, if you drink that much I can easily say 2-3 hours as well whenever I tried going harder on water. Nobody should drink that much water or have a jug you cant even have in a backpack lol.

    • jackbob gaming says:


    • Panda 🐼 says:

      I want one just for the joke but I have no muscle I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to lift it 😂

  7. Patterrz says:

    I’m gonna say a solid 30% of Tom Brady’s life is just drinking water and peeing, maybe more

  8. NoBrakes 2k16 says:

    “I would do the same thing, if I was the worst.” Spoken like a true Dolphins fan.

  9. sam osborn-kemp says:

    Drew’s just getting better and better. he’s never disappointed, i just enjoy everything he does and god he’s so funny

  10. William Porterfield says:

    “I want to live to be 300 years old, and you can’t put a price on that…” I can’t, but apparently, Tom Brady can. And that price is 600$.

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