I attempted a Pokémon nuzlocke, but with a twist…

I attempted a Pokémon nuzlocke, but with a twist…

You’ve seen every other creator attempt a Pokémon nuzlocke, but have you ever see one do it like this?
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After succeeding in a “two-player nuzlocke” with JaidenAnimations a few months ago, I was itching to attempt another Pokémon nuzlocke. In fact, I have been binge watching Jan’s content recently on Pokemon Challenges, but I needed to do something myself. Watching him yell at RTGame, Mizkif, and Xqc simply wasn’t enough for me anymore.

Fortunately, an idea came to me while hosting (and winning) “Alpharad’s Pokémon Unite Awesome Invitational” tournament with some amazing creators beside me: Captain Kidd, Atrioc, Ovilee May, and Cybertron. After the success of that tournament while conquering Wolfe Glick’s team in the finals, I had the perfect idea… but first, I had to pull Cybertron and Captain Kidd from my team, steal WolfeyVGC from the enemy team, and then ask WeegeeTheGod to join because he is my friend. I was set out to attempt the first ever nuzlocke (that I know of) for Pokémon Unite.

We started with Machamp, Charizard, Slowbro, Pikachu, and Venusaur. If we lost a single match, those characters would be gone forever. Given that I only know how to play 3 Pokémon in this game… I knew that I had one insane challenge ahead of me.

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37 Responses

  1. ToadTWE says:

    Watching Jacob and his friends team up to absolutely body pokemon in the lower ranks is like watching a bunch of kids beat someone up for their lunch money

    • Nathaniel Sutter says:

      does it even count as a nuzlocke if your opponents are the only ones being slaughtered?

    • AxxL says:

      My haters throw rocks at me and IT hurts. I hope they don’t throw The Rock at me because I like him as an actor. GAGAGAGAGA!!! I am funny!!! I am the funniest YouTuber EVAH! Please agree, dear tia

    • Frito The Demon says:

      It’s like watching a bunch of adults beat someone up for their lunch money

  2. Jake88 says:

    The raw energy a team consisting of the duo DekuIsMyHero and SonicFan2006 give off together is truly terrifying

  3. Banana stretched Davie504's eyes says:

    this FELT like a Jacob-edited video, great job in building the narrative up to the spannung, amazing video

  4. Morpho Games says:

    “Welcome to the real world kid!!”

  5. Ded Bot says:

    I like how Alpharad carried his team so hard that they almost lost the challenge

  6. spragels says:

    Had a few people mention this to me. Cool challenge! I also have done a few Pokémon Unite Nuzlockes.

  7. TsukiKasai says:

    I initially thought that this meant “If I die, I can’t use that pokemon again” and not “If I lose, I can’t use that pokemon again” and up until the ten minute mark I thought that Jacob’s god luck had saved him for like 20 games in a row. Also, banger editing. This felt like a feature length film except without the length or the film and it is just **feature** but like really fucking good.

    • HI says:

      @TsukiKasai lmao

    • Brodie Morris says:

      @TsukiKasai the raw power from that last sentence scares me

    • TsukiKasai says:

      @dragon blade2095 1. People can say things on the internet with 0 proof and people can’t disprove it because it it impossible to disprove something like that.
      2. If you did, cool? Congrats. That is impressive. But I don’t see how it is relevant. It just seems like you trying to one up someone you’ll never meet or be friends with.
      3. It is good content. Hence him posting it and getting views.
      3. Have you seen their unite usernames? I don’t think anything that anyone will ever achieve will be as glorious as someone with the tag SonicFan2006 and a teammate named DekuIsMyHero getting to master rank without losing with a pokemon more than once.
      4. I did a nuzlocke in unite and got to Master Solo without ever taking damage and also I was the mvp every game and also I got 125 kills every game therefore R + Latio

    • dragon blade2095 says:

      Funny thing is I did a nuzloke in unite and got to Master solo so he thinks this is good content

  8. M. __ says:

    “We are one game away from master rank, it all comes down to this.”

    Me, eyeing the full third left of the video 👀

  9. Vociferous says:

    Going from nothing all the way up to (hopefully) master rank is incredibly pog, mans created the best squad possible for this.

  10. Gamma Ikazune says:

    Alpharad in the Unite Tournament: “The game is never over, until Zapdos falls!”

    Alpharad in the Unite Nuzlocke: “Let’s just make the other team rage quit before Zapdos spawns!”

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