I Baked A Cake With MoistCr1TiKaL!

I Baked A Cake With MoistCr1TiKaL!

This is the greatest collab of All Time

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0:00 how did i end up here?
1:27 flight to florida
3:10 arriving at hotel
7:29 tuv meets charlie
8:26 baking the world’s hottest cake
21:35 giving charlie some gifts (intermission)
23:45 eating the cake (i cried)
33:00 giving charlie the rest of the gifts
35:49 charlie designs my tattoo!
39:14 tuv says thank you (again)

Why are you looking this deep into the description? Comment “tuvington” if you’re reading this. Have a nice day.

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37 Responses

  1. tuv says:

    thank you guys for everything, seriously. love y’all ❤

  2. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    You deserve all the success you’ve worked for, Tuv. Also, Charlie seems like he’s just the most humble person you could meet irl. The dude is wholesome af.

  3. Quinn Decker says:

    Seeing tuv fanboy over Charlie is honestly so wholesome

  4. Doctor Skipwith says:

    Not the collab we deserve, but the collab we need.

  5. eksdee says:

    It’s great to see tuv helping out a small streamer bake a cake!

  6. michfuuj says:

    as a culinary student, ive never seen so much oil/butter added in a cake, maybe thats why it was both crisp and flat. but nice job hehe

  7. Cookie 🍪 says:

    This was a really genius idea and a really proud one if you ask me, is really good seeing two people that i watch do a collab together.

  8. thetreeofclues says:

    Tuv this is one of the wildest rises to the top i’ve ever seen. Going from being a nobody to making videos with one of the biggest creators on the internet within such a short amount of time is insane. Amazing work.

  9. akissbeforehegoes says:

    Its really hard to believe that these two guys cover the most morbid content. Theyre honestly so wholesome, love you tuv!

  10. loveliigrim says:

    YOU CAN SO TELL TUV IS GENUIENLY EXCITED 😭😭 he keeps saying “sorry” n he’s all nervous THIS IS SO WHOLESOME

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