I beat Breath of the Wild 100% In a single day

I beat Breath of the Wild 100% In a single day

I did a Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Speedrun in under 20 hours. Did my best to do a “speedrun explained” type thing of the 100% Speedrun.

You should watch me live on Twitch:

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35 Responses

  1. J Jayansh Adithya says:

    It’s insane how much Botw has evolved in 6 years.

  2. Kanye Northeast says:

    I always find it entertaining that botw speedrunners can break the game enough to literally manipulate their inventory and get illegal weapons, yet the Great Plateau is still mandatory

    • Pun-Isher says:

      I think there is a way to skip plateau, but it requires another file to do a hard glitch in and a lot of time, and it also took years to find. So not usable in speedruns.

    • Crewgun Night says:


    • The Alpacat says:

      @Pun-Isher If you’re talking about the glitch I’m thinking of, I’m pretty sure whilst that glitch can get you out of the plateau for a second, it immediately causes you to “fall” and spawns you back. (I’m guessing you’re talking about the shrine glitch, if not though that’s on me lol)

    • DDGaxel Nilsson says:

      Is the automatic void-out even understood yet? One theory ive heard is that the game checks your coordinates every few seconds, if your coordinates are outside of a “box” that surrounds the great plateau, you get voided out, and this box is removed when you get the paraglider.

    • james shorts says:

      ​@DDGaxel Nilsson kinda. The game has a few conditions it checks. If you don’t have the paraglider outside of the plateau then it will void you out. I’m not sure what the others are but smant has shown off some things that manipulate this in his no sheikah slate run.

  3. Evan Gao says:

    The fact that you were able to speedrun this AND explain it eloquently is the true feat here. Amazing work and amazing video!

  4. Henry Czeisler says:

    I was dying when you explained how punishing making a mistake during the first hour was and then immediately had to reset 45min because you forgot a single torch

  5. Astro says:

    Today we learned two very important things about Smallant:
    he’s an increasingly good speedrunner and hates apple juice

  6. Adam Reed says:

    i did that ice cube shrine at 28:15 in the exact same manner in my own run and i was so proud of it, cool to see it’s part of this run

  7. Hadrian Jiang says:

    Didn’t think he’d ever do it again after last time! Cool to see how far he’s come as a gamer and streamer since then.

    • GunkyBum says:

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    • Speedwars says:

      @GunkyBum love you too bro

    • obama says:

      Me neither but I think he accidentally removed his old 100% save data

    • DC SB says:

      ​@GunkyBum 14:27 14:28

    • Jc S says:

      me too, Whole reason i clicked on this hahaha

  8. Francis Vigoreaux says:

    Bro his Math teacher actually played him so hard lmao, made him get engaged with the whole class and used his learning skills to everyone advantage, while also letting the teacher check that Smant had learned it properly

  9. Norran42 says:

    Man never ceases to amaze me. He may not get the world records, but he does the whole run while explaining every step, talking about whatever’s on his mind, reading chat, and not missing a beat. Plus, he’s into pure math, and wants to teach. I don’t think I could describe a better guy if I tried

  10. Micah Barrus says:

    This felt like an older video. No script, just a highlight reel complete with his stories of him screwing around as a kid.

    Great video!

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