I Became a Real Estate Agent

I Became a Real Estate Agent

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edited by: https://www.youtube.com/goofyjuice

Merch shoot credits:
Creative Direction me
Photography @alexstonephoto
Video @dylan.leonard
Producer @bennmcgregor
Executive Producer @cozack
Graphic Design @math247 and @unorthodox___studio
Tennis Player @alexismariegoytia
Swimmer @molchanimal
Stylist @mobars
Hair & Make-Up @sarahfaubertartistry
Assistant Photographer @kevinglsn
Special Thanks @omodelsagency

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34 Responses

  1. Denison Yachting says:

    Cool. Now do a superyacht.

  2. citrusfirefly says:

    Cody is brilliant at marketing.

  3. Rapunzel ASMR says:

    I could maybe buy one of the rusted garden chairs

    • Stephanie Surfa Rosa says:

      My mother in law recently gave us her ‘old’ patio furniture and while at Lowe’s a few weeks afterward I saw the same set. It was $600. Only my cats and a few raccoons use it because I don’t go outside in the summer. No rust though because it’s wicker. Then I saw someone selling a similar set at a yardsale for $150. I still couldn’t afford to buy it lol. I’ll have my hand me down outside furniture until my actual living room furniture falls apart then I’ll bring the patio furniture inside.

    • habitual_be says:

      I can afford a clipping from the shrubbery

    • Rapunzel ASMR says:

      @Myself Andeye 🤣

  4. Bean Bot says:

    got to respect his actual skills when it comes to selling a bah

  5. alex says:

    I think the hard part is not feeling awkward as you go through so many rooms. you just have to keep talking and praising the house, especially for a video so there’s no clients to talk to or bounce off of so you feel a little insecure by the third room because how many more ways can you call something amazing

    • Molly Mulheran says:

      It’s absolutely all about finding the little details to comment on, and sometimes it takes a level of focus and continuing uncrackable confidence most people don’t have! It’s a genuinely difficult job, because it’s absolutely improv. It’s in the moment instead of pre-written or observed

  6. ac says:

    When all else fails, walking into a room and just saying “wow, it’s absolutely breathtaking isn’t it?” And letting the potential buyers bring up what they love about it works so well.

    • ac says:

      @Gav Zu sounds like a frictionless purchase

    • Gav Zu says:

      no just blackmail them, 60% of the time it works every time

    • Lina K says:

      The potential buyers would also love you sarcasm if it’s absolutely dull and bleak or your sense of humor if there is a smell of decomposition or something.

    • sdk90 says:

      You’re not selling anything physical about the house. You’re selling a comfortable night in with the family, a home-cooked meal watching the sunset on the back porch, the security of a safe place to live for your loved ones.

      It’s never about the product – it’s always about what the product can do for them.

  7. Tyler Davis says:

    It’s great to see Cody doing these more ambitious videos, he’s been talking about feeling burned out recently. YASS

  8. Abigail Mor says:

    I want Cody to show us more BAHs in the future, this was very educational

  9. Ryan Serhant says:

    I’m going to start using BAHs in my showings 🤷‍♂️

    • bruh bruh says:

      did you actually even want to do this or were you acting 🤨

    • VEYONZÉ says:


    • T0X!cΛN† says:

      **bleat like a lamb**

    • Lando Sllim says:

      I suppose real estate and comedy are similar in that you’re both working to convince strangers that what you’re telling them truly is how you’re describing it. For you that would be “valuable”, for Cody it would be “humorous”

      either way you both had great chemistry/banter

  10. Brady Cronin says:

    I can’t tell if Ryan is a great comedic actor, or if he just absolutely hates doing this video

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