i became an italian farmer

i became an italian farmer

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end of year post. This was a longer video which is all thanks to Matt! You can tell he worked on the video because the animation was good lol. I’m working on building a team to be able to make more videos and Matt has been a huge help in that effort. I’m still learning how to build a team at all so there may be some growing pains but it’s exciting that it’s happening.

Anyway this video is about an experience I had last summer. My friend invited me to go farm sit and that was a great and rare opportunity just plopped on my lap so I decided I really wanted to go. And so I did! There was a lot of new experiences gained from the trip, and in this video was the most notable ones. Italy is a beautiful place with really tasty food. I am certainly going back some day. Either as a farmer or a tourist who knows.

I hope you enjoyed this video. More to come.

animators: https://twitter.com/Thelaserbearguy and me

Thank you for watching.

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53 Responses

  1. Ice Cream Sandwich says:

    Download and play The Battle Cats for free: https://app.adjust.com/32tgyn2

    Celebrate the holidays with The Battle Cats with free Rare Ticket gifts on 12/24 and 12/25! Plus, enjoy limited holiday events with special Rare Capsule sets and seasonal stages on into the new year!

  2. Idk_what_i'm _doing_please_help says:

    He has the spirit of a true farmer, ready to dive in to protect his animals

  3. sarah gargani says:

    as soon as you said an old italian woman was yelling at you, i was like ‘she wants to give you food.’

    • A Beltrame says:

      @Koori Ookami Probably because they come from an age of scarcity that got them used to share and be kind with neighbours, like most elder people from rural places in the world. The yelling is just cultural heritage, us italians are (for the most part) almost always loud and rowdy, from family dinners to street chats. Mix the two up, with a touch of age related bad hearing, and you have yourself aggressively wholesome grandmas and grandpas 🙂

    • Przemo Gie says:

      @[DATA EXPUNGED] Instructions unclear: Ended up in a hospital.

    • Hrishikesh Aggrawal says:


    • Koori Ookami says:

      Is that a thing? Why is that a thing? And why do I love it so?

    • [DATA EXPUNGED] says:

      I’m moving to Italy next year and I’ll keep that in mind 😂

  4. LolO says:

    unless a fox has rabies or something it would run before attacking anything that isn’t prey

  5. Anthony Sweeney says:

    Don’t worry Ice, the fox woulda been bookin it away from you and your fierce battle cry!
    Seriously though, the fox wouldn’t have tried to fight you, they aren’t built to fight things stronger than a weasel.

    • Kerem Mete Özdemir says:

      Can confirm. Foxes don’t like loud noises. My grandma is a farmer in Turkey, and whenever she hears a fox she grabs her gun, walks out, aims in the foxes general direction, then a little to the right so she doesn’t actually hit it, and then shoots. She says she can always hear them scurry away when they come there.

    • yusuf canbaz says:

      İ think he said he would hurt him self accidentaly

    • Closeranemone48 says:

      Yeah, just don’t trust the Canadian ones. They will take out goats and sick cows alike😅

    • 🥝Gamer's Land 2🥝 says:

      Anytime I see anything near my animals I release a primal ape scream and pretend they are scared. Though I think if you heard a large thing just scream, and then you hear an explosion you’d run out of there pretty fast.

    • yukiandkanamekuran says:

      Yeah foxes are pretty small

  6. Matt Ward Productions says:

    5:00 There are maybe some bloody massive owls that *might* eat a chicken, but even then probably little bantams. Chickens are pretty large birds, and owls usually aren’t. There’s a reason they mostly eat mice and rodents.

    • Allison Blood says:

      If an owl’s big enough, it’s swoop down and pick up animals you wouldn’t really expect. One time an owl tried to fly away with our cat before my mom scared it away. Wild fellas

    • Kristita_ says:

      I have a friend with chickens and she had an owl take and eat a chicken one night. Raccoons are bad news to. They’ll behead chickens, steal the heads and leave the bodies behind for you to find.

      Chickens have hard lives.

    • Trevor 007 says:

      Chickens and roosters r also very mean. I’ve seen video of a chicken winning a fight against a hawk…

      To say the least the term “chicken” should NEVER be used to make fun of someone for being scared. Chicken r fucking ferocious.

    • domosRAGE says:

      Owls will snatch small cats and dogs, I don’t see why they wouldn’t nab a chicken. Although, we have large owls here.

    • samantha carpenter says:

      Horned owls are huge! I use to find rabbit legs in my back yard after one of those big boys decided he really liked eating on a particularly big branch in my backyard. From California, and lived next to a canyon.

  7. Neil C says:

    His duel with the fox is the most impressive thing in Italy since the days of the Roman Empire.

  8. Aron Iron says:

    You’d smell pretty bad after being in contact with a fox but I don’t think you’d get hurt to bad given the pitchfork

  9. That one purple sharpie says:

    “I was battle ready but I couldn’t get to him. So instinct set in and I did what I could.

  10. Ryan Kunst says:

    The primal urge to protect you livestock is real tho. One day I went out to my chicken coop and noticed they were all outside acting distressed. As soon as I opened the door there was a dead one right there, which I wasn’t too surprised as we had lost several in the past few weeks. I realized based on the behavior of the others that whatever did it was still inside the coop, so I shut the door, and then shut the little chicken sized door too so it couldn’t leave. Thinking it was a raccoon or a coyote or something, I went and grabbed my pellet gun. I’ve never killed anything bigger than a rat but I was ready to fight this thing to the death whatever it was. I came back and opened the door and a frickin’ falcon flew over my head and escaped. I know it’s illegal to kill them here, but in the heat of the moment I still took a pot shot as it flew away (I missed lol). Even though I love birds of prey, and I know you’re not supposed to kill them, if I had known what it was before it got away I absolutely would have gone in with a mask and a pitchfork and shut the door behind me. Don’t mess with my chimkins.

    • Joe says:

      I loved my chickens. I had 12 hens and 1 rooster. Lost one to a hawk, pissed me off but that’s nature. Hawk came by again but rooster kept it away from the hens. Few months later I lost 4 to a fox, one injured and just walking around in a complete daze. Fox killed the rooster and carried him off. Lost a few more to the fox(s) again days later. Down to 2 hens now, I seen a raccoon opening the latch on the chicken door. Fixed it up, so I thought. Next day I went to check and the raccoon had gotten in, ate an entire leg and breast of one, killing it, while the other watched from a perch above. Knowing chickens can’t be alone and wanting to save it from being eaten alive I shot it…
      I got the raccoon that night as it tried to find another easy meal.
      I had these chickens for 1.5 years, all produced an egg a day, loved eating melons in summer and came running when I called. Having free range chickens in the country is very difficult without a rooster for protection.

    • itchylol742 says:

      Farms are pretty rural, so if you killed an animal illegally, you can dispose of the body easily without any neighbours seeing (hypothetically of course)

    • JASP Studios says:

      You are absolutely correct about the primal urge to protecc your chimkems bc every time I see any type of large animal (cat, dog, possum, hawk) near them, my instincts go off and I scare them away from the chickens lol

    • chiちゃい says:


    • Your Wayward Destiny says:

      @Abdias Nemo I’m imagining I’d have to get down on the skunk’s level just to try it, and that’s just as funny.

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