I Became the Mayor of Skyblock

I Became the Mayor of Skyblock

suddenly i love government
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music from epidemic sounds
“Lazy Days at the Farm” by Stationary Sign
“Days of Glory” by Experia
“The End Of All Things” by Niklas Johansson

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38 Responses

  1. Technoblade says:

    sorry for lack of content; my cough got a lot worse in early May so I couldn’t really commentate (and im too lazy to edit)
    anyways subscribe nerds i want a boat

  2. fvdge says:

    2012 skyblock: small floating island with 1 tree, some items, and a simple and peaceful objective

    2021 skyblock:

  3. The Horizon says:

    that poor kid lol, nobody would believe him until they all watched this video

  4. G903 俞宏恩Ernest says:

    Technoblade is a legend of making great lines

    “”Things were cancelling so fast, people thought it was TWITTER”
    “theres no way anyone would vote for.. AAAAND Barry is in last place…”

  5. Zyckn says:

    When the world needed him the most, he returned.

  6. Wonder Lake says:

    “Technoblade never dies” quite literally

  7. ham sandwich says:

    “Hey let’s quote everything techno said” -Almost everyone in the comment section

  8. evan robert says:

    “And when you need someone to overthrow a brutal tyrant, you call an anarchist!”
    That made me burst into laughter so hard my chest hurts.

  9. Azeran XYBBA says:

    “When you need someone to fix your sink, you call a plumber. When you need someone to fix your electricity you call an electrician, and when YOU NEED SOMEONE TO OVERTHROW A BRUTAL TYRANT YOU CALL AN ANARCHIST!”

    this is why we love Technoblade

  10. 🐐 says:

    Dante: *promises nothing*
    Everyone: *votes for him*
    Every politician ever: “WRITE THAT DOWN, WRITE THAT DOWN”

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