I bleached my hair by myself and this is what happened…

I bleached my hair by myself and this is what happened…

lol my new hair is so swag and u can’t tell me I’m wrong



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67 Responses

  1. Basic Billy says:

    Literally nobody

    *Antonio:* walks out the shower with a full face of makeup on ?

    Ps. Small youtuber ??

  2. Alex Milne says:

    Antonio:?—> ?‍?
    Brad mondo: ???
    No one
    Dj khaled and Brad mondo: *another one*

  3. ll_Extremely stressed_ll says:

    You look more like a girl without makeup you look so different than you used to woah

  4. skinny says:

    honestly my favorite was the black hair

  5. ἐρωτόσφαιρα says:

    Antonio with the shower cap looks like those roman statues with the insane curly hair

  6. XxGalactic_VibesxX says:

    Joana: I’m gonna ruin my hair >:3
    Antonia: Lets see how brad mondo has a heart attack today sIstErS

  7. Dżoana says:

    I’m waiting for Brad Mondo’s new reaction video ?

  8. ツJKtutorials says:

    She filmes with phone? I never knew that

  9. E C says:

    Who’s Here before brad reacts to this video ????‍♂️ “girl noo we never start at the roots” ?

  10. ItsOreon says:

    Antonio dying her roots.

    *Category: FiLm AnD aNiMatiOn*

  11. Prielle ツ says:

    4:31 I thought she was going to say “I’m Beyonce” ffs i’m so dumb

  12. farah eldeen says:

    when she started at the roots, like DIRECTLY on her scalp i cried. my heart literally fell out of my ass and is currently rolling down the street

  13. SzymonPlayz says:

    Antonio: *I bleached my hair by myself and this is what happened…*

    Brad Mondo: *dies*

  14. Jada Rose says:

    Girl do a skin care routine YOUR GLOWING

    Small youtuber?

  15. JE Hungry says:

    No one:
    Brad Mondo:

    Antonio with blonde hair: hElleRRRRrrr!!

  16. Courtney Coker says:

    joanna, vereena, and now you? why does everyone wanna be blonde? ???

    u look great tho ??

  17. Jela Petra says:

    Her eyebrows look so much better than a year ago

  18. Josie Drew says:

    Do you ever wonder what happens to Antonio when she slaps the camera and then comes back but nothing has changed

  19. möthr says:

    youtuber: * bleaches their hair*

    brad mondo: *its free real estate*

  20. alexisoverit says:

    *Who else noticed how strong Antonio’s brow game has been lately?* ?
    btw anyone down to be yt friends? I vlog 🙂

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