I bought 2 R32 Skylines and blew them both up instantly

I bought 2 R32 Skylines and blew them both up instantly

Today I explain to you why skylines are the worst cars… Also Tomei owes me $100k…….. #garbage

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  1. Mike Schumann says:

    The thing that surprised me the most in the video is that he didn’t hit his truck with the shopping cart

  2. Fullboost says:

    This is going to hurt more than a 2K Barra 😛

  3. trythistv says:

    I’d heard stories of cams being super fragile and breaking if you handled them improperly, but never really saw anything like this, I’m fairly sure there is something wrong with those, bad heat treat or something, those were brittle!

  4. Tamara B says:

    I fully agree with Cody’s intro
    That is truly funniest intro I ever heard on overhyped R32

  5. Wrongthinker says:

    Thank you for buying all my dream cars and proving that it’d be a bad investment, you’ve saved me so much money and heartache!

  6. SaveTwinkies says:

    I used Tomei Cams on my rebuilt 240sx. The cams snapped like that within a year later

  7. rocko430 says:

    This is actually a really novel idea. Trash a car, have someone inspect and explain how it was destroyed and make it both an entertainment and informative piece.

  8. WatchJRGo says:

    Bought my pristine completely built in Japan 700hp R32 GT-R… drove it for 7 minutes, tried to make a pull 4th gear failing. The fix of course is to just throw in the impossible to get R33 transmission so you can have a fixed car that’s still horrible to drive. Hated that car, it was supposed to be the greatest car ever built but was only a let down.

  9. Adrian Smithee says:

    “This R32 means nothing Tomei”

    -WD Merch 2022

  10. Steven Wiech says:

    This man is trying to make everyone on this planet mad one way or another. Love it and keep it up, would really love to see a Skyline being thrown into a lake

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