I Bought a Fox Body Mustang & Went to Drift School

I Bought a Fox Body Mustang & Went to Drift School

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I Bought a Mustang and Went to Drift School
If you want to try out drifting https://texasdriftacademy.com/
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29 Responses

  1. Alec O says:

    I’m honestly stoked to see what you do with this Fox. They have so much aftermarket support, and there were so many cars you can pull parts from to modify them, the possibilities are endless!
    Looking forward to this one 🙌

  2. The Big Mid. says:

    “you need a drift car to drift in right?”

    This is undeniable logic we’re witnessing

  3. Nae Teee says:

    Nothing makes me more excited than seeing Westin upload something

  4. The Mcmanman says:

    I clicked on this video so exited because westen always takes so much time on his videos it’s always an amazing day

  5. Memerman212 Memerman212 says:

    Whenever Westen uploads something you know it’s a damn good day

  6. Nicholas Castro says:

    Let’s take a second and thank this man for his content. Thank you

  7. TGDCAQ says:

    Josh is like the main guy in a movie. Handsome, charismatic, nice voice and very talented.

  8. Lance Ripplinger says:

    Westin looks so excited, and terrified at the same time! 😂😂

  9. Sharat Raman says:

    Man you gotta love this guy’s energy and enthusiasm.

  10. TheFunks11 says:

    This video finally cured my boredom of other creators Westin always has the best content and even when things are going terrible for him in vids “the hummer lol” he makes it worth to watch and makes it so so funny love you Westin

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