I Bought A Full Face Of Makeup Blindfolded

I Bought A Full Face Of Makeup Blindfolded

I bought an entire full face of makeup blindfolded to test fate and see what would happen! What do you think of my blindfolded shopping challenge and my final makeup look? Would you do this?

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20 Responses

  1. Safiya Nygaard says:

    HELLO FRIENDS!!! i took on your guys’ suggestion and tried the buying makeup blindfolded challenge! there were a LOT of bloopers and bumping into stuff that we couldn’t fit in the video, but i hope you guys enjoy this!! xox, saf

  2. Stephanie Velasquez says:

    I LOVE how the blue eyeliner looks!!

  3. TheQwerty666 says:

    Omg it is almost unbeliveble that you matched like this those hardest products… congrats! You have inner eye or sth for sure ?

  4. abby grant says:

    Does anyone know where this nyx store is?

  5. Michaela Leach says:

    I think the foundation she picked out was a much better match than what she usually wears 🙂 The color she started with is a tad too light and makes her look more pale than she is. But she still rocks whatever she has on her face though, not everyone can rock this patriotic look like she can!

  6. Brandi Munguia says:

    Ok, when did Safiya turn into a beauty guru? If I did this challenge, and I have been doing makeup since I was 16 and I am 33 now, I would not have known where to go with the eyeshadows to make them match the lipstick. Also, can we talk about how great she is at doing her winged liner? I honestly believe she could do it blindfolded. The thing I am most impressed with, though, is how well she maneuvered around the NYX store and knew exactly what section she was in, what products she was picking up and what shades/colors she was getting that perfectly or almost perfectly matched her skin. I have at least 10 different foundation, 10 different concealers and maybe 6 or 7 different contour palettes in wet and dry formulas and I still can’t just blindly pick my perfect shade right off the shelf. I typically don’t buy drugstore skin products for that reason because I need to be able to use the testers to make sure the shade matches me right. So the fact that Safiya, blindfolded, picked out a foundation, concealer and a highlight and contour duo and they all matched her relatively close, enough that there wasn’t a huge different between her face/neck and the rest of her body is so impressive and how she knew what products she was picking up and where they were based on her position in the store. I am amazed. I wonder if I tried it, I might find that it isn’t as hard as it seems based on muscle memory and how things feel in your hand and how each product swatches and the applicators feel, but I am going to be astonished with her until I try it on my own, which will never happen because I don’t have the balls to walk around blindfolded in a makeup store, being filmed or not.

  7. 123Beauty says:

    Saf, I love the foundation and concealer you should try it more often.

    P.S I loved this video! ?

  8. matilda kratz says:

    try doing a “doing my make up without a mirror challenge”

  9. Helen Serna says:

    Ok, so now I NEED a blue eyeliner

  10. Beyza Hilal San says:

    Still better then my choices

  11. NovelCurse says:

    i bet buzzfeed is missing you and your brilliant ideas.

  12. Kellie Marie says:

    You’re almost too good at distinguishing the appropriate products. ?

  13. Aimee Stewart says:

    u did so well do more vids like this!! ❤️❤️

  14. Kelly Forester says:

    You did so good! Haha

  15. Jaime Kennedy says:

    Love the video Saf! You should make a separate video of all the bloopers of you bumping into stuff

  16. Emilia Jaakkola says:

    Can you do a video where you buy food blindfolded and then cook the food??

  17. x.x._katie_ .x.x says:

    Here choices were better than mine with my eyes open

  18. MIREYA The Concrete Kid says:

    can I just say how much I look forward to your videos!!❤

  19. Wolfe M says:

    Tbh i love the eyes like you could wear that every day (maybe a darker blue though)

  20. tay audrianna says:

    Safiya has this down to a science….. im amazed lol i think i would have failed miserably

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