I Bought a Humvee and Tried Driving it 1452 Miles Home

I Bought a Humvee and Tried Driving it 1452 Miles Home

I Bought a Humvee and Tried Driving it 1452 Miles Home
Shout out to Josh for helping us : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDmLo9XSj84wbyiVMeFAMnw

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42 Responses

  1. MDC says:

    “If you haven’t watched the news lately.” – under your breath. Had me turning blue from laughing.

  2. Chapter 7 Certified says:

    “It’s not like they’re just giving them away to everyone else” BRUH

  3. Venom 1299 says:

    “This sucks so bad” Yea, yea it does. Did everything I could to avoid getting a Humvee license (it worked), but I was an a-driver a few times. Miserable experiences in Humvees

    • IraqVet0608 says:

      Better than getting your bus endorsement. I had the humble, 5. Ton, Deuce, Lmtv and Fmtv. I was able to avoid the bus

    • Venom 1299 says:

      @IraqVet0608 Guys in my shop always said they’d take the bus license over 7ton or Humvee. Their logic was they could get into anything a bus license covered for work if they were in a rut outside the Corps

    • IraqVet0608 says:

      @Venom 1299 that’s good thinking- we avoided the buses cause ours were slower than the humvees. The lmtv/fmtv was the endorsement to get. You could actually drive with traffic (don’t tell the CO) and most had AC

  4. DarthFN says:

    “The military doesn’t care about people steeling these things… if you haven’t watched the news lately”😂😂😂 Gold!

    • RockyMountainFever says:

      @Sam N 109 helicopters, 22,170 Humvees, 8,000 trucks, 64,300 machine guns and 358,530 assault rifles, according to the non-partisan U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) were left behind. Majority of the equipment is still operational. The Taliban have a better equipped army then the Ukrainians now.

    • Frank Townsend says:


    • Cameron Hofland says:

      came here to say that hahahah

    • Derick Sowders says:

      @RockyMountainFever all of which requires constant maintenance by people trained to repair and maintain weapon or vehicle systems. This is especially obvious if you watch this video. The silver lining is the vast majority of all equipment and vehicles left behind in Afghanistan is that it won’t last more than a few weeks. It will inevitably have to be sold and they will inevitably get ripped off. If they don’t take it at the price offered, they are either stuck with a piece of junk that doesn’t work or they can sell the scrap lol

  5. Eshelman Lawn Care says:

    Midwest military equipment in Washington Missouri has all of the stuff you’re looking for. They are friends with a small shop in Utah that have a small tv show and I guess they do YouTube as well.

  6. Dekon Hulse says:

    “Its not like there just giving humvees away to every one else” THE TALIBAN

  7. ClawBoss says:

    115° with no doors. OH YEAH! 🔥

  8. Westen Champlin says:

    Shout out to josh for helping us with the Humvee: Here is his channel link show him some love

  9. me me says:

    “The military wasn’t too concerned about people stealing these things….. if you haven’t watched the news” Loved it. Thanks for the awesome video man, can’t wait to see more. Will something more happen to the bus?

  10. Nils-Arne Dahlberg says:

    We did talk about “field-wise repairs” when I was in the Swedish army. That windshield and roof looks right on spot for that definition.

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