I Bought a Huracan Super Trofeo Body!

I Bought a Huracan Super Trofeo Body!

In today’s episode we’re checking out our new Super Trofeo body parts.
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Fareoh – Cloud Ten
❱ Shop – http://bisforbuild.com/
❱ Patreon – http://www.patreon.com/user?u=3364742
❱ Facebook – http://facebook.com/bisforbuild
❱ Instagram – http://instagram.com/bisforbuild
❱ Twitch – https://www.twitch.tv/bisforbuild

Fareoh – Cloud Ten

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36 Responses

  1. B is for Build says:

    For anyone thats thinking this means we won’t be building carbon body parts. Please just remember we still need to build a roof, doors, fender extensions, a custom rear wide body kit, and interior/exterior accents. So rest assured we will still be doing plenty of carbon work to come on this build.

    • Sam Camenzuli says:

      For a colour Verde mantis like huracan 1 or Verde ithicha

    • Victor Inostroza says:

      For the body i’ll go with the white wrap ‘n cf bits

    • Remco Groen says:

      White carbonfiber wrap

    • Martin E says:

      Well learn how to make a very basic panel with a polyester gelcoat, polyester resin and glass fibre first, one that actually retains the shape of the original, with proper returns and a viable means of release, otherwise you’ll spend from now until the end of time pissing away hours with expensive materials achieving bugger all. The structural integrity and quality of the mould surface is everything. P.S. More resin and sanding is NOT the answer unless you want overweight panels with no strength.

  2. Gerry Milidantri says:

    I think it was a wise decision to purchase the body panels. Once you modify/ wide body the rear of the body it is going to be awesome

  3. Azspeedin says:

    B is for bought..seriously good decision though?

  4. Shakeel says:

    *Tip: don’t use armorAll on lambo dash or interior, it can crack ths leather dash, i learned it the hard way* Also buying carbon Trofeo GT3 Lambo kit from factory is much easier. Even though its expensive.

  5. Rolexor says:

    You do a great job, but keep it simple…Or get more complex and enjoy the ride through down town dramatown.

  6. Drew Shepard says:

    That gray looks sick!
    Have you considered using that dark gray to create a futuristic bat mobile vibe? I think that would be way more cool looking than a standard white huracan. It’s already been done. I think that you’re vision of this car is more like the bat mobile from The Dark Knight!!
    Btw*** that shade of gray really looks like carbon fiber***

  7. Chris Borns says:

    I love the move great job Chris, your quickly becoming my hero.

    I know it will be unpopular 2070 Mad Max rusty appocolypse wrap, simulated carbon damage or LS Ratrod Lambo the ultimate combo

  8. Jimmy Clark says:

    To be honest when I saw y’alls images of the possible body styles I wasn’t really excited. But now this thing looks badass, I mean super sick, I am glued to the screen for your next video. B is for badass ?. If it were me I would leave racing decals as is and make your parts accordingly. The history of those parts gives the car a certain mystique, plus did I say they look badass, because they look badass.
    Thanks for sharing your build with us,

    • VF6 says:

      Jimmy Clark my dude he’s still doing the body style he showed us on the 3D design? he just know has a easier platform to build upon.

  9. Mark Bennett says:

    It would have been SEMA 2020 without these parts and your schedule is still extremely ambitious. Do the white wrap, probably use fake carbon in vinyl for accents and concentrate on the engineering. Not sure the stick out of the hatch turbos will look good with that aesthetic and maybe not good for airflow? Props for ambition and a very interesting project though?

  10. Jamal says:

    Practice making small carbon fiber squares to get the technique as opposed to entire body parts

  11. Gruby Garage Projekt says:

    use vaccum for wraping
    And Poland save a day one more time ;D

  12. Cody Schmidt says:

    It’d be amazing to get a decal that says LS1000-4, it’d be a nice iykyk kind of thing lol

  13. Flying Zebra says:

    Vinwiki story time with that body buy I wanna hear the full story 🙂

  14. Ian Miller says:

    White Wrap. Keep going with the fastest timeline as possible, my guy. Like you said, it gives you more time to make a working car.

  15. Ethan York says:

    Love the kit! Definitely the “B is for Build” way! White with carbon fiber accents will look amazing ?

  16. altrn8ive says:

    You just got the template body for what khyzel salim sent ya. Minor modification required to this one and you have the desired look already.

  17. To My says:

    Please don’t know tell me you actually used that glossy armour all bs on your actual lambo interior ..

  18. Osama Bin Fappin says:

    I think leaving the parts unwrapped would be pretty cool. It fits your original vision of the “junkyard” huracán. All the imperfections add even extra character to a car with a crazy story

    • AG3NT O says:

      I like the junkie vision also. Leave the racing stickers as it sits now ( I dig the Poland front ones!). New parts try and make perfect but no worries if they are not. Go crazy sick on wide wheels!

  19. Keith Keir says:

    Hydro dip carbon fiber look an won’t add weight ?

  20. M Z says:

    The Poles FTW. Really had my doubts after seeing your attempt at the carbon door. This is a very smart move.

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