I Bought a Kia Stinger GT! (And Here’s Why)

I Bought a Kia Stinger GT! (And Here’s Why)


I bought a “new” Kia Stinger GT! Today I’m showing you around my new Kia Stinger, and I’m explaining why I bought a Kia Stinger GT. I’m also going to tell you what I like (and what I don’t like) about my Stinger.




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41 Responses

  1. Wesley Hutcheson says:

    “I think I’ll own it about a year” huh?

  2. ThatOneDude702 says:

    When these came out I was like “I’m going to get into one of these super cheap in a few years because it’s a Kia”. The price for what you get from one of these used is great if you’re not a badge snob.

  3. Khb 888 says:

    6:52 Doug should earn commission from his sales

  4. Kris Randolph says:

    i’m not even into cars, i just like doug.

    • Micah N. says:

      Kris Randolph run away while you still can, the car rabbit hole gets really deep before you know it. First it’s some fuzzy dice, then you get some car wash. Then you get into Meguiar’s products, purchasing everything for “your baby.” You also start to do your own maintenance and make little upgrades here and there. (This is where I am.)

      From here you start to look on Craigslist for the best sports cars/sports sedans in your budget. You start saving and with a few tears, separate yourself from your old venerable daily driver. You then will hop into your new ride and love it from the beginning. Then after a little while, you’ll find all the minor performance issues that could be really easily remedied. Before you know it, you have Pirelli tires, new suspension, Konig wheels, a turbo kit, a new exhaust system, a cold air intake, and many more small bits and pieces, not to mention an empty bank account.

      Just because you watched a Doug Demuro video.

      So, run, and save your money. Or, dive in and love every second of it. I know I have. 🙂


  5. Ismail Ansari says:

    ” I dont comute like a regular person” he goes to cnc everday lol

  6. Jarl Ballin' says:

    Doug probably getting the CyberTruck when it comes out in a year…

  7. Jia L. says:

    Doug, just replace the KIA Badge with a McLaren badge.

  8. Michael Ruvinov says:

    Doug: why I chose the Stinger: to sting mean bully cars

  9. Charlie Foxtrot says:

    “The E63 wagon is pretty much the greatest all-around car in existence”.

    SCOTTY KILMER: “Hold my Celica”.

  10. Shane Bangs says:

    I bought my 2018 focus RS limited edition for less than the 2016 RS’s are going for. Couldn’t be happier!

  11. Kopymatic says:

    to be honest, i love the exterior styling of this car, and it always catches my eye when i see one pass me.

  12. GORDO EINSTEIN says:

    Doug’s wife: * sigh *
    Doug: “Can’t blame me…, One more unit, from Doug.”

  13. Patrick Bellah says:

    No one:
    Doug: “cheap plastic” *taptaptap*

  14. John Mithnoy says:

    I bet Doug got them to drop the price to $37K and was like “I’ll advertise the car on my YouTube channel” 😂😂😂

  15. LazerLord10 says:

    Everyone: “No one’s making stick-shift big-power Sedans!”
    Also Everyone: *Buys boring CUV number 17b.

    • limyohwan says:

      because this isnt a sedan, its a boat. Its the same length as Honda passport. Modern sedan make no sense

  16. Marquise Thomas says:

    He wears regular clothes now he has a regular person’s car, im convinced id walk right pass him in person

  17. Electric Midnight says:

    I literally just rewatched his previous video about the KIA Stinger before he uploaded this

  18. Takauchi Nishika says:

    Everybody: Tesla, corbette or Bimmer
    Doug being Doug: A KIA! But With Bumper to Bumper warranty!
    Everyone: small disappointment
    Me: nice

  19. forresttm says:

    “I dont commute”
    Cmc motors would dispute this.. 😀

  20. Simonsayyzz says:

    Imagine Doug driving around in his lil Kia

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