I Bought a Porsche Carrera GT – My All-Time Dream Car!

I Bought a Porsche Carrera GT – My All-Time Dream Car!


I bought a Porsche Carrera GT! The Porsche Carrera GT is my all-time dream car — I’ve wanted one for almost 18 years. And I bought one! Today I’m going to show you around my Porsche Carrera GT and explain my journey to get here.




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26 Responses

  1. Doug DeMuro says:

    The comments here are truly amazing — I am honestly overwhelmed by all of the incredible support. I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels. I know a lot of YouTubers buy a lot of exotic cars, so I wasn’t entirely sure how this would go — but I’m so, so thankful that everyone understands just how truly meaningful this is to me. Truly, truly, thank you — for your support today and over the last 10 years.

    By the way, something I forgot to mention in this video: every single year on July 15, I call my friend Brett to commemorate our Carrera GT sighting back in 2005 and to catch up. Every year, for 17 years, even on my wedding day! 🙂

  2. TheStraightPipes says:

    Congrats!!! So well deserved

  3. Kitebuggy says:

    You telling us the entire story of your Carrera GT journey, including the wedding that included Carrera GTs, makes this even more special.
    Thank you Doug for sharing your joy with all of us ! And a huge *congrats* to you for fulfilling this almost life – long dream. SO well deserved !

  4. Bobbyeverything says:

    Man I can’t believe I’ve been watching Doug for 8-9 years… Since 2014, absolutely insane. I couldn’t help but smile throughout this whole video. Congratulations Doug

  5. Tyler Laabs says:

    Didn’t expect to shed a tear but man. Your enthusiasm just radiates through the screen. A true enthusiast that deserves every bit of this.

  6. New York Music Emporium says:

    I can’t believe watching a video of someone else getting a car could bring me so much joy. I’ve been watching since the very beginning, and like many, I immediately thought “how cool would it be if Doug managed to get a Carrera GT” as soon as I heard the news that you took on a big investment in Cars & Bids. I had no idea the video was already on the way! What a joy it is to be able to share in your special moment. Congratulations!

  7. Rich Rebuilds says:

    You deserve every bit of this, I’ve Been following since you single handedly stopped carmax from offering warranties on range rovers, I then bought your hilarious book which inspired me to do youtube, in fact a lot of my career success comes from you. Thanks for being here Doug!

    • Oskar V says:

      @Doug DeMuro you mean the guy that engine swapped a Tesla model S and put a v8 in it ? 😂

    • Jake Navarro says:

      Doug one of my fav memories was the absolute slaughtering of the ghibli 😂 and the short loss of traction w the hellcat. 4:23 got me choked up. Messaging my childhood neighbor who’s fam only bought Porsche and me and him together loved the GT.

    • Doug DeMuro says:

      It is amazing to hear this coming from a man who put an Audi E-Tron GT in rice.

      I appreciate the kind words and I sincerely love your channel. 🙂

    • MaxSpeedMike says:

      I just put my honda civic in a bowl of rice. It didn’t do anything but it was very suiting

    • Ross Cullen says:

      @David K  that’s the damn truth i shoulda been more specific LOL

  8. Örn Arnarson says:

    I smiled the whole way through. Thank you for sharing your origin story. Really special to hear about the journey from the geeky teenager who never stopped geeking out and got millions of people to geek out with him. Truly joyous to see the joy this brings you. I can’t think of anyone more deserving.

    Long time viewers have seen how planted and reasonable you are financially, so this dream of yours could only have been achieved by a buyout multiples of tens larger than what this car cost.

    Congratulations Doug, you magnificent beast.

    • HorriblePita says:

      I can’t agree enough with this! “…and got millions of people to geek out with him” is exactly what makes Doug’s work an absolute pillar of the car community over the past decade. It has only ever been about the cars — no ego, no showboating, no unsustainable progression into more and more over-the-top content to keep people’s interest. I know I speak for many when I say it’s what keeps me coming back to Doug’s channel. Great to see your success Doug, it’s incredibly heartening to see someone with integrity and earnestness achieve their dreams!

  9. vishnoy v says:

    You can hear the emotion in Doug’s voice throughout this video, from the moment he first said it was his car. So happy for him, he deserves all the success and support coming his way!

  10. Jahhaj says:

    Wow this is absolutely amazing. Doug has always seemed like the nicest guy and he deserves all the success. I’m so happy for him, congratulations Doug!

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