I bought a wireless hotspot that makes me money

I bought a wireless hotspot that makes me money

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  1. irweezyy says:

    If your trying to get into this now your about 1 year too late lol, his current set up probably earns 2$ per month

    • Morgman20 says:

      @Cat bro .4 a day is 10 so do some math, 300 a month. Profit in 2 months, so calm down and stop your inquisition XD. The power it costs to run is $5 a year so if that’s a problem for you idk what to tell u, get a solar panel?

    • Cat says:

      @Morgman20 .4 a day isn’t much when you aren’t factoring in power costs and the price to set it up in itself.
      you’re basically saying “what are you talking about it’s good i make almost $10 a month” huh… so it’ll only take 6 months to even begin to profit. then hopefully in that 6 months or after it doesn’t cluster up and shoot down to .2
      why do people try and defend something that’s dead by saying they make .2 more and that makes it worth? tf

    • Lukey Dukey says:

      @GitGud Scrubadub bro i only get 3 carbon

    • irweezyy says:

      @The tricky tick I worked for the top telecom company in the country for around 10 yrs before heard of this project in Feb 2021, and I believed in the project from day 1, I ordered the hotspot and got them Oct. 2021, it’s the most perfect crypto based utility project out their in my opinion, but in Feb 2021 my hype was already too late to the game…when put my money in for hotspots there was 19k device on the network, now there is 20x the devices online. I believe in this project but they need to shift focus from a quantity game to a quality game

    • irweezyy says:

      @Doorknob what’s your hotspot name?

  2. Tanner Utz says:

    Lets be honest. You make money running a YouTube channel

  3. Sebi One says:

    This guy spends so much on passive money making schemes he’s going to be either very rich or very broke one day.

    • P C says:

      @Archany he is not making 900$ with this short video. I can guarantee you that.
      YouTube doesn’t pay short creators. Short video with millions of views will only give you 5-10$

    • Archany says:

      @Dome kinda forgot that it was a short but I do get short ads so they must get something, in the long run I think he will make most his money back.

      I’ve seen some youtubers reveal they get like 20k for 250k views for 30min videos, it depends on your category and what deal you get.

    • Archany says:

      @Dawa Thongchi I get ads from shorts, they are mainly mobile games so they must get some.

    • J K says:

      @Choqlate but he’s not making it from the device tho

    • Sebi One says:

      @Choqlate I don’t think that, or even care. It’s a joke, homie.

  4. Morgman20 says:

    Those antennas on Amazon don’t have the right dbi, heads up

  5. T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me says:

    This guy spends so much on passive money making schemes he’s going to be either very rich or very broke one day.

  6. posey1982 says:

    Adapter for light bulb sockets, with an outlet to plug in low voltage requirement equipment, no heater or A/C units etc, so that the unit could be plugged in without an extention cord.
    Do take placement precautions to avoid dust issues that are more prevalent in attics, should be taken.

  7. 777arc says:

    For those curious, this thing uses LoRa under the hood which is a 10 year old EXTREMELY low data rate wireless technology, so “The People’s Network” it creates is a cool concept but really only useful to IoT devices with tiny bits of information to send, like a vending machine telling its owner its out of peanuts. And the better the cellular networks get, the less value this network has.

  8. Rob H says:

    Bought a Helium miner.
    Has no idea what it does.

  9. Duunte says:

    I’ve tried this it works okay I earn about 2 bucks a day but only cause its super saturated, the fiber glass antenna does help, and ur location is perfect, wish you luck cause unlike me I’m still down on my investment, check out planet watch it’s way better.

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