I Bought An Outfit At A Fake Market In Hong Kong

I Bought An Outfit At A Fake Market In Hong Kong

So we traveled to East Asia to film a six-part series about beauty, style, and shopping and here is the 5th installment – in which we went to a “fake” market in Hong Kong and bought head to toe fake designer outfits! The Ladies’ Market in Hong Kong is famous for having a lot of counterfeit and knockoff clothing and accessories, from fashion “brands” like Balenciaga, Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Off-White, Fendi, Supreme, Peppa Pig, and more! It was an ~interesting experience~, to say the least! What did you think of our fake market finds?

A huge thank you to Taylor for accompanying us to the market!
You can check out Taylor’s channel here!

You can check out Collin Abroadcast’s channel for more Fake Market sprees! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXsQlHGuoWqukC9vz-uonrg

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43 Responses

  1. Safiya Nygaard says:

    HELLO FRIENDS! happy sunday! i hope you guys enjoy our wild romp to a fake market in hong kong – what did you think of our final looks?? xoxo, saf

  2. Lux0rd says:

    Plot twist. Tyler ended up with the elephant underwear off camera

    • Frankie Ocean says:

      The video we all want to see

    • Léanne Vantyghem says:

      Didn’t Elbow san get one at some point for Christmas with Taylor’s family or something? Or was it Sharla? I just remember something of the sort happened once but I just can’t remember when ahah

  3. iloveyoufah says:

    Actually, a lot of the shops in lady’s market own a more than 1 tent. So they just call other tents for other sizes.
    Thank you for coming to Hong Kong. As a HongKonger, I am glad that you have mentioned the unrest situation we are experiencing. I truly hope that the movement is bring us true democracy.

  4. frogstan says:

    peppa! what are you doing in my Hong Kong night market??

  5. Emma Carroll says:

    Oh yes canada brand is coming out with new bags XD

  6. Naomi Van Vugt says:

    I would wear those baienglacas just because of the misspelling?

  7. HDS says:

    The rule of thumb is you offer them 1/3 of the asking price so if it’s 300 you say 100 not like 255 lol

    • vegan queen says:

      yes because it probably costed them 10 to make lol… 255 is way too much

    • Eventide says:

      @vegan queen I mean.. most of the actual name brand stuff would only cost like $100-200 to make but they sell them for $1200.. You’d be amazed what people can make a product for and what they sell it for.

  8. Sarah says:

    Safiya: Only posts twice a month
    Me : doesn’t care, waits excitedly for new episodes, will be forever subscribed

    • Eventide says:

      It’s because she posts so little that we get great content when it does actually come out. So I’ll gladly wait for anything she makes. I’m so glad she left Ladylike and the situation at Buzzfeed to have full creative freedom on her videos. Buzzfeed is slowly suffocating Ladylike now.. it’s sad to watch since many think it’s the girls’ fault..

    • Piano Fry says:

      It’s quality over quanity

    • Eventide says:

      @Piano Fry Something a lot of youtubers seriously need to learn.. as well as the viewers.. probably viewers first though actually. I’d personally rather wait a little while for quality content than have low quality videos posted every day.

    • Noah B says:

      Her videos are also decently long usually which is awesome

  9. A.C.E's Park Junhee wrecked me hard says:

    Oh man. The Chanel-Adidas got me laughing so hard

  10. Selma Gudjonsdottir says:

    i laughed so hard when he said “Happy birthday” 13:34 ??? and when she said it was not Taylor’s birthday ? 13:37

  11. Takis Queen says:

    13:11 You thought it was a designer purse but IT WAS ME, DIO!

  12. Isabelle Gatenby says:

    Man you could have easily got them shoes for £5 basically $6

  13. the mello lemon says:

    Who else thinks that Taylor looks really good in her outfit

  14. Emily says:

    I’m really offended on how freaking gorgeous Taylor is like I’m shook

  15. LLawlietXD says:

    I really dislike haggling, it really stressed me out but also feels bad when you get scammed ..

  16. sassa0406 says:

    Tyler holding a mcshit shirt made my laugh a bit too hard

  17. Why Tho says:

    The Pharrell Chanel Adidas shoe caught me so off guard

  18. Mary's Channel says:

    Tyler: Welcome to reality
    Saf: ooh there goes gravity

    I love that eminem moment there?

  19. Fal your Pal says:

    I’m studying abroad in China this summer and I can’t wait to come back with peppa pig x gucci merch

  20. SinisterDagger says:

    “After a lot of sweating, fake bag sniffing and multiple Peppa Pig sightings”

    You know your day was wild if it can be summed up by these exact words.

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