I Bought Celebrity Wedding Dress Remakes for CHEAP

I Bought Celebrity Wedding Dress Remakes for CHEAP

I ordered ICONIC celebrity wedding dresses for a FRACTION of the price they paid! Unbox and try on Hailey Bieber, Kourtney Kardashian Barker, Sophia Bush, Paris Hilton and Ariana Grande’s dresses with me!
I Bought Celebrity Red Carpet Dress Remakes for CHEAP:

I Bought USED Kardashian Red Carpet Dresses:

A playlist of all of my celebrity clothing hauls!

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Fill out the Google doc HERE if you want one of the dresses!!

The website I bought the Kourtney, Ariana, and Sophia dresses from!
They said you can use code HOPESCOPE to get a discount on any of their dresses or custom orders 🙂

The Hailey and Paris dresses are from ETSY!

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24 Responses

  1. HopeScope says:

    This week I learned people have spent hundreds of thousands or even MILLIONS on a wedding dress 🤯 but I also learned ETSY and smaller up and coming designers are an AMAZING option for great custom dresses!

    • Indigo Ashes says:

      Hi Hope, I’m getting married in about a year and I haven’t started looking at wedding dresses yet because I don’t have money for one yet, and was going to fill out the form to hopefully win one of yours…but honestly none are my style and I think they may all be a little small anyway. So I hope they go to someone who will use them for their wedding! thanks for the fun video!

    • Cynthia Becker says:

      @Kristina Parlin its in the description box of the video…near the end.

    • Heléna Bock says:

      @Foodie Asian no that is such a bad brand thay suck and rip in 5 min

    • Angel And Stitch💕💙 says:

      @Bevin kids cringe hey

  2. Philippa Ford says:

    Paris’s dress is so so so stunning! I feel like a lot of celebrity wedding dresses are just too much or too ronchy. Also it’s sad that we don’t hear about Paris Hilton anymore, she was entertaining in her youth haha

  3. Whats Life Though. says:

    So no one’s talking about how “Till death do us apart” was written on Hailey’s veil like it is so adorable♡
    And gurl these dresses suit you and you look beautiful in every one of them ❤

  4. mjgbabydragonlet says:

    The number for Paris Hilton included security, travel expenses for every guest, entire hotel bookings (for security purposes). I work for a private security firm that does close protection for more than one of guests to that specific wedding, and we were paid by Hilton for our work, even though our regular clients are with us full time. Our clients told us to cash the check and pay it out as bonuses to their details.

  5. Mandalee Milly says:

    The replica designers actually did a great job this time! I loved Ariana’s dress so much.

  6. LillyAuna Ingleby says:

    Can we talk about how awesome hope is and how much she really cares for each of us???

  7. Liz Hellsing says:

    That Paris Hilton dress is really impressive. Great job on the remake.

  8. Samantha Broaddrick says:

    Those dresses were surprisingly well made with lots of detail! I’m impressed since they’re cheaper knockoffs!

  9. Vegas VanLopp says:

    Gorgoes dresses-I have to say the one I loved the most is a hard toss up between Paris Hilton’s dress and the Sophia Bush replica. They both looked really stunning on you. It’s incredible how great people can make replicas nowadays. Thanks for a most incredible video Hope ❤❤❤

  10. Alana Rafuse says:

    I’m married so no need for a dress but I love seeing how these companies can replicate these dresses (especially Etsy sellers)! If you do another video like this please get a replica of Lily Collins dress. It was beautiful and had a veil/cape. Looked amazing with her venue!

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