I Bought Discontinued BEAUTY Products from our CHILDHOOD

I Bought Discontinued BEAUTY Products from our CHILDHOOD

I Bought the most NOSTALGIC beauty, hair, and makeup products to unbox and test! + 2000s inspired outfits to go with them! Watch these videos NEXT:
I Bought DISCONTINUED Products from our childhood:

I Bought VIRAL TIKTOK Products from our Childhood!

I Bought EVERY Barbie Dream-house ever!

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25 Responses

  1. Left of Center says:

    Girl, you are ADVENTUROUS trying someone else’s used makeup and tasting 20 year old products! 😂😬

  2. Pragya Singh says:

    petition to make crimped hair, hair wraps, and roll-on body glitter a thing again! <3

  3. Kins💋 says:

    Let’s appreciate how much she does for us

  4. Teresa McDonald says:

    This hair is giving Lizzie McGuire vibes and I am here for it 🙌

  5. Shirley Gilchrest says:

    I had a friend in high school WAY back in the 70’s who was going taking cosmetology classes at the tech school she would crimp my hair for me when I was going to a concert and I just thought it was the coolest thing ever!

    • Lisa Melroy says:

      In the 80s, I would put my hair in a bunch of tiny braids before I went to bed, then take them out before school. It looked really similar to crimping! 😂😂😂

  6. Alissa Tome says:

    The pink make up box got me in the nostalgia feels! I’m an 80s baby so maybe they were a hit when I was younger ..mine was glittery with a clasp lock too …and the same colour pink!

  7. Christine Daae says:

    I basically spent most of 2001 covered in body glitter 😂. Aw the nostalgia. Thanks for the post Hopescope!❤

  8. Rev Gurley says:

    Those hair crimpers were around in the ’80s. Aquanet, teasing, and those things gave us that huge volume we all wanted in the 1980s. True Story: I got a pink & teal Brooke Shields hair dryer sometime in the ’80s. IT STILL WORKS!! I use it daily, and have for 40 years.

  9. Louise B says:

    Ive never been one that followed trends but some of these…wow…they just scream nostalgia for me. Especially the mascara and the cover girl eyeshadow. Thanks for the memories, Hope! I’m not feeling old at all! 😫😂

  10. MondoCatt says:

    This was probably one of the most accurate 2000’s throwback looks I’ve seen.

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