I bought every ad I saw on instagram for a week

I bought every ad I saw on instagram for a week

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This was a terrible idea and I’ll probably do it again.


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46 Responses

  1. jasonhorton says:

    When did Instagram ads become all about the money and not the art 😔

  2. CreepShow Art says:

    business idea: make a clothing line called definitely pants

    • Madeline Friberg says:

      But plot twist none of the items are pants

    • Nebulous Pidgeon says:

      Definitely Pants: the worlds most shirt line

    • Boogity Hoo says:

      I must be getting way too old or just ignorant cause I don’t get the joke? The “definitely” part is what doesn’t make sense to me . I tried thinking of puns or something similar but nothing lol.

    • Nebulous Pidgeon says:

      @Boogity Hoo lmao it’s ok!! it’s sarcasm mixed with absurdity, it’s a little difficult to explain bc i’m just so used to that type of humor now. it’s like handing someone an orange and saying “here this is an “apple” it is *deninitely* an APPLE, NOT AN ORANGE”

    • Boogity Hoo says:

      @Nebulous Pidgeon oh ok ok. That actually helps me understand the direction the comment was trying to go lol. That does make sense

  3. Drew Gooden says:

    A lot of people are asking about the whitney houston remix in the beginning so here you go: https://youtu.be/lK9qbI_OV14
    It is truly a masterpiece

  4. connor says:

    can’t believe drew found.a way to write off a beanbag, a pillow, a pair of sweatpants, and some candy on his taxes

  5. Caleb Langdon says:

    Drew is definitely now listed in instagram’s database as a level 7 susceptible.

  6. Andrew Lehman says:

    drew gooden somehow looks like a different person every single time the camera angle changes

    • Lorine Forman says:

      @Boogity Hoo yeah, I remember being shocked when Frank and Dylan did they’re cagelocke and they had the cage matches in person. I feel like both if they’re hair looks so much different on the others camera

    • Boogity Hoo says:

      @Lorine Forman lol. For sure, thats awesome you brought up the exact series I was referring to even though theres been a few videos of them together. Lol

    • Boogity Hoo says:

      @Lorine Forman have you been watching their 3way Soullink with Vinny, Dylan and Luke? Its been a bit stressful , especially for Luke but always entertaining for us viewers lolol.

    • Lorine Forman says:

      @Boogity Hoo lol alright well ima go watch something, but I’ll keep an eye out for ur name in the comment section of the cour fours videos

    • Lorine Forman says:

      @Boogity Hoo yeah I’ve been watching, poor Luke’s luck is awful

  7. Elithec00lguy says:

    I thought you said “bye honey” instead of “bye money” as if to say Amanda is going to leave you after spending $318 on a beanbag chair.

  8. Jahziel Joynes says:

    What sucks for Drew, is because the first item was expensive, and he bought it, he proved to Instagram he would spend a ton of money, so they continued to advertise extremely expensive stuff.

  9. TheMakeupChair says:

    I was thinking of getting a Moon pod cover and putting my cheap old bean bags in it but it’s still 100$ for just the cover 😒

  10. Rachael Brady says:

    I’m really proud of Drew’s futon for pursuing a higher education.

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