I Bought Every Barbie Dreamhouse EVER

I Bought Every Barbie Dreamhouse EVER

Unboxing EVERY discontinued Barbie Dreamhouse from our childhoods!
1962 – 2023 versions.
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32 Responses

  1. HopeScope says:

    Special thanks to Tyler for tolerating me covering every square inch of our house in Dreamhouses 🏠 and my assistants Peyton and Anna for helping me build all 15+ of them lol

    • ThatOneGoofyAhhKidLivingAcrossTheStreetAkaLuna says:

      Lol I luv ur channel hope❤😂

    • Fati Sodji says:

      Hi Hope can you please review Charlotte Dobre sweat pants and shirts I’m from Ghana in Africa and I love you ❤❤❤

    • Adele Booth says:

      I got 2021 the couch, turns into a bed and the yellow table time is it until another bed if you flip and also turned into a chair

    • Iffy O says:

      I just started collecting Barbies. I’m so jealous right now 😭🥰 More doll content, please!

    • 323mell says:

      Love this video I am 90s baby but never had a dream house but I had tons of Barbies 💖💖

  2. Your Fun Sister says:

    Being 56, an avid Hopescope fan and a Barbie collector for decades, I was soooooo excited with this episode!! I have always wanted a Barbie Dreamhouse despite having over 200 dolls, I just never got the Dreamhouse. When I was little, my parents couldn’t afford it, then over time, it just seemed silly to spend the money on it. After watching this tonight, i want one more than ever. I’m going to justify the purchase by saying it is “ for my three little grand daughters” and I to play together when they come visit. 😂😉

  3. Barb J Alcorn says:

    👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻I have to give it to you guys, the level of commitment is right up there! Nobody and I mean nobody has ever had all the Barbie houses to line up and compare, so kudos for that. I’m a Barbie baby, being born in 1959, hence the reason for my name. I couldn’t be happier for this video. Yo guys have made my day. Thank you so much 🇦🇺❤️

  4. Sherri Weibert says:

    This was fun to see. I grew up with Barbie in the 70s and 80s. I had the camper, the airliner and the corvette. My bestie had the town house and of course we would combine everything including all of our Barbies, clothing, accessories and furniture for massive Barbie extravaganda play dates! 😁 Things would get sketchy when Cher, Farrah or GI Joe showed up! 😂

  5. H says:

    The 2015 house brings back so many memories. I remember Christmas 2015 being 5 years old, going into my grandma’s garage and seeing this completely built as my present. I loves it for years. We just gave it away this year and the amount of memories I still have is crazy.

  6. Maddy Moore says:

    Imagine being Hope’s assistant… she gets home from work

    “What did you do today?”

    “ I built 20 Barbie dream houses…it was a blast” 😂😂😂

    Honestly sounds like a fun job tbh 😂

  7. Jessica Campbell says:

    Being 30 years old, I was so excited watching all these Barbie house inboxes. Brings me back 😂

  8. Lumine says:

    I used to have the 2013, and 2015 one later on. Some of my sweetest memories was creating “twins” with Monster High dolls that were really just the same character from two collections, and buying mini dollarstore plants/trinkets (like a mini windchime tied near the front of the door) to decorate it.

  9. Lumine says:

    I had the 2013 one, and let me tell you most of the pieces went missing in the span of a month. Another note worthy thing is that my mom probably lost 5 years off her life trying to build this absolute MONSTER on Christmas…BUT HEY, THAT ELEVATOR NEVER WORKING PROPERLY AND THE BATTERIES ALWAYS DYING IS MY NOSTALGIA RIGHT THERE.

    • missagreste says:

      i had the 2013 one too 😭 i had actually secretly ordered it on amazon on my tablet (which got it taken away when my parents found out) and they ended up giving it to me and my sister for christmas. so many memories with that house, i always loved the elevator

    • missagreste says:

      we also lost like all the pieces..

    • Lumine says:

      @missagreste RIGHT?? I’m pretty sure some of the literal cabinet doors got lost too 😭were my dolls fighting to the death in there-?? geez

    • ii_Logicxs says:

      I broke the front doors of mine one like four weeks 😭 and that elevator was the end of me lol

  10. LadyFluffyCakes says:

    God, this sent me down memory lane. I used to have the Barbie Magical Mansion, that came out is 1990 as well. I still remember the look of shock and awe on my parents’ faces when they came in the living room and saw I had built the house myself because I was too impatient to wait for them to wake up and help me 😂. I was 9 yrs old at the time.

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