I bought every weird ad I saw for a month

I bought every weird ad I saw for a month

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there is nothing I am better at than wasting money.

00:00 – intro
00:32 – buying
10:55 – trying
25:45 – ranking
30:01 – last 1 second of video

music used:
last dinosaurs – italo disco
gabriel gundacker – wii snorkeling
gabriel gundacker – wii volleyball
gabriel gundacker – wii jogging
gabriel gundacker – wii windsurfing

hot dog? hot dog:


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44 Responses

  1. canary harry says:

    Drew, you’ve hit rock bottom.

  2. AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke says:

    Let’s be honest, Drew just wanted to buy these things anyway, but now he gets to write ’em off

  3. Nat Schmoll says:

    I feel like on camera Drew and editing Drew are two different people trying to screw with each other

  4. Julia A says:

    The deterioration of the shamwow guy represents the deterioration of Drew’s sanity (and bank account balance)

  5. Em Silvers says:

    I love that Drew decided to show his daily dose of hating the moon pod by sitting beside it instead of on it

  6. Taylor Jane says:

    I hate when company’s say “military grade.” It’s just a qualifier to make you pay more and above that, the military buys cheap crap

    • Erin Last Name Redacted says:

      The only person allowed to call things “military tough” is Nick Bolton. Get a TacBelt.

  7. Brenden Evans says:

    Can’t believe drew doesn’t know that an Almond is a breed of cow.

  8. Shrinkhal says:

    My favourite product was the moon spaceship military belt

  9. Ida Bergh-Smith says:

    Two types of people, apparently
    “‘I can’t put this down’ is something you say about-”
    Me: “-A book”
    Drew: “-A snack”

  10. Tony can't dance says:

    “If you’ve listened to any podcast you’ve heard of the magic spoon”

    Drew you do not respect the lengths I go to NOT hear or see ANY ads.

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