I Bought My Brother a HOUSE As a Housewarming Gift!

I Bought My Brother a HOUSE As a Housewarming Gift!

I won the best brother competition.
There was no competition but if there was I won.

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44 Responses

  1. Anika Tahsin says:

    Imagine they both get twin kids in their future…
    What could be their name?

  2. Maddi says:

    We’re not gonna talk about Grayson using Pinterest? That’s adorable.

  3. Wetzel Family says:

    Okay but Ethans hair literally grew like an inch from the beginning to end of the video…anyone else notice?

  4. ebzz2004 says:

    Ethan: “We literally do everything together.”
    Also Ethan: “I don’t f***ing know what he’s up to these days”

  5. Holly Johns says:

    why isnt anyone talking about how good Ethan looks with that hat on

  6. Claudia Castillo says:

    You’re to nice to each other… Only time my siblings are nice to me is when they want some of my chips

  7. Me Alison says:

    Sorry but at the beginning it sounded like Ethan said “I’m stressed and hard right know” 💀

  8. Arnold Palmer says:

    Not one soul:
    Me at home: *screaming how cute they are, and getting way too serious and dramatic like the end of a movie*

    Also me: trying to breath

  9. Hec†or G. says:

    Ethan: gets his brother a house
    My brother: practices wwe moves on me

  10. Vikram says:

    Next up on the Dolan Twins:
    Surprising my twin with ANOTHER TWIN as a house warming gift!!!

  11. America Beverly says:

    Everyone: ( expects Grayson to shout)
    Grayson: Let’s out an adorable little wail!!!

  12. Lyla DuPré says:

    Ethan: Buys grayson a house and a 7k watch
    My twin: pretends to be me on zoom and fails me in every class

  13. Star.__. Mellow says:

    americans: *gets cut and gets stiches*
    australians: *gets cut*
    other aussie: you’ll be right

    • James Pearson says:

      rena xo i was in year teo broke my foot and my mum said youll be right and did not get me a cast so i crawled for 2 weeks haha

    • Amelie Grant says:

      Or as the school nurses would do ‘ice packs will fix everything’

    • Jess the hungry Girl says:

      Evan Hutcheson no offence but this comment and comments in this comment are kinda for aussies not tryna be rude or anything

    • Sara says:

      But like reqlly, I’ve cut myself so bad one time you can still see the scar and we didn’t go te the hospital like normal people and yeah i survived (i live in europe)

    • Kate Frye says:

      Are you saying if you got your finger cut off you wouldn’t get stitches

  14. username says:

    plot twist: ethan only built another house to get another house warming gift

  15. Esohe Ob. says:

    He literally surprised grayson about 5 times with the same tiny house just different parts of the process😂😂

  16. Lil Wicked says:

    How does the Dolan twins get in so many injuries and act like it’s nothing lmao 😂

  17. Elise Ingvarson says:

    Ethan and Grayson being adorable for 20 minutes straight

  18. sabine mouawad says:

    Grayson:** literally bought Ethan a Rolex like one week ago**
    Ethan:**wearing a flipping white Casio watch**

  19. SophieAnn Kennedy says:

    Grayson probably internally cried when ethan said he didn’t want to go surfing with him

  20. Mariam Styles says:

    When your siblings are literal TRASH when you watch the Dolan twins gift each other the sweetest house warming gifts.

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