I Bought My Mom A House!

I Bought My Mom A House!

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23 Responses

  1. Kai Cenat says:

    Thank You Guys For Everything!🖤

  2. No Life Shaq says:

    Proud of you Kai … It don’t get no better than putting ya family in position 💯💪🏾

  3. Krystal Macias says:

    Damn the way Kai doesn’t brag and he genuinely is grateful deep in his heart and you can tell he probably cried in closed doors but still I seen so many youtubers who do this but just brag and act like they so this and that and Kai just still stays humble asf man I’m happy for him I really am !!!💯💯💯

  4. Mikeeey says:

    A lot of people’s greatest desire is simply to make sure they’re good and their family is good.

    I love the fact that Kai has achieved this, blessings on blessings from here on out❤️

  5. aloe vera says:

    He really made it. so proud of him, it’s crazy to be able to do this at all – let alone this young! Great job kai ❤

  6. JayRoy says:

    Kai is definitely one of the most humble people I see on the internet keep doing you bro you deserve everything you got 💯 I like seeing videos like this for motivation one day imma be able to do this for my moms appreciate u kc3 much love from the mitten #989

  7. BankrollDyl says:

    To be able to do that at 20 is a huge accomplishment, one of the most inspiring and entertaining creators i’ve watched over the years… congrats 🎉

  8. InnovatorGuy says:

    This is the GOAL FOR ANYONE💪🏽 Congrats Kai keep up the good work🎉

  9. zachandbro says:

    Kai booms on YouTube to being the #1 most subscribed Twitch streamer in the world and buys his family a home. He is breaking so many generational records for his family and I am so proud of the young man he has become. Blessings to you Kai and thank you for spreading a positive message that all of this is possible for anyone

  10. Akeem Arana says:

    This some real shit man💯. I felt this heavy. My mom is from Belize and she came to the US to give me and my siblings a better chance at life. I joined the army right after HS as a commo specialist, did my 4 years and now I’m proud to say I am a government contractor at the age of 22 making well over 6figures. What u did for your family is my next step in life, hopefully by late 23’ I can make this happen. Keep grinding 💯💙

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