I Bought the 10 most VIRAL Tiktok Products

I Bought the 10 most VIRAL Tiktok Products

Tiktok made me buy it all… and I regret nothing lol
Get a Hopeful sticker HERE 🙂

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I Bought the 5 most VIRAL Tiktok Products:

I Bought MINI PRODUCTS the actually work!

All of my viral tiktok product videos in one playlist!!

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Pink overalls I am wearing:
Mini Claw Machine:
Thneed Scarf:
Bubble Bazooka:
12 Dollar Glitter Dress:
Drink Jacket:
Sticker Maker:
Sand Art:
UCHE Fanny Pack Top:

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31 Responses

  1. HopeScope says:

    I think this was my favorite TikTok haul yet!!!

    Hopeful sticker ☺️👇🏼

  2. Jochem Bras says:

    With these type of videos from Hope, her inner child really comes out and she enjoys unpacking and showing the items for her videos

  3. Joc’ the Aquarius says:

    I live vicariously through Hope with these purchases. Her excitement just takes it to another level. 😂

  4. MsTagestraumer says:

    The sticker maker has been around for years – and comes in various sizes. You can get sheets of “sticky” paper that do the same thing as well. We used to get clear contact paper and put that over the top to strengthen the sticker and keep it from fading etc. Bringing back the memories with that one LOL

  5. Bryleigh Scott says:

    can we talk about how good Hope is at drawing???!! (the sticker part)


  6. Lexi0216 says:

    The fact that she actually bought all these products for this video shows how much she cares. ❤ I love ur videos they make my day better ❤ 😀😀😀

  7. Tisha sian says:

    That green dress was absolutely gorgeous that was about the only thing that was worth spending any type of money on… and the sand art thing LOL I remember when I was a kid those were in every hardware store for under $10 LOL. And the top that had the fanny pack in it that is a genius idea if you’re ever going to a amusement park or a festival or bar or any place you never want to carry a purse. But you have to have the body to wear it LOL

  8. Kelsey Welsh says:

    For the shelves: put the stuff you get each video on them. Maybe keep your faves as permanent fixtures but you can display the items you get as you unbox them

  9. Hairy Tornado says:

    I actually like the empty shelves!

  10. Elizabeth Quernemoen says:

    For the shelves, it would be cool to do some kind of Home Edit look with rainbow organized items that would also match your Hopeful rainbow 🌈

    • HopeScope says:

      Yessssss I love this idea!! Back when I only reviews leggings, I had them displayed in a rainbow so it could be like the new version of that 😄

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