I bought the Cheapest Industrial Floor Scrubber I could Find! (How bad can it be?)

I bought the Cheapest Industrial Floor Scrubber I could Find! (How bad can it be?)

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24 Responses

  1. Ben Cooley says:

    Matt, I drove industrial scrubbers 12 hour shifts for years. THE single most important thing about scrubbers and how clean they get the floor is A) use enough fluid And B) make sure your squeegie arm has a good sharp edge on the rubber. If it’s not flat like a scissor blade with a good edge, it WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY and snail trail your floor.

    • John Zannini says:

      From Manual — “Err04 Fault Description: Brush lift actuator overload; Troubleshooting Action: Check for binding of brush lift linkage and excessive weight on scrub brush deck. Repair.”

    • Lawrence Herrel says:

      @Mark Mick Sorry to bust your bubble, but it was just a propane wet scrubber. the company just called it a Zamboni.

    • jp34604 says:

      What about recharging the battery’s?
      Do you have to plug in over night?
      Does it have a built-in charger?

    • Mark Mick says:

      @Lawrence Herrel a real Zamboni with the 3 Spoke (with holes) 10” black rimmed Auto Shack era steering wheel. You are a truly red nose and always sniffing Cold Weather Warrior. That has to be cool giving the boy & girl children/ local/ High School/ College/ semi-pro/ professional and the never should these people be on the ice, a great for keeping the surface as perfect as possible. Thanks for doing that job.

    • Kansas Adventure says:

      Seams like every one I’ve ever seen has a worn out squeegee. Always does a bad job and they wonder why…

  2. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Great little machine, also ensures that the shop doesnt get clogged completely in order to drive this around a few lanes 🙂

  3. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Hi Matt, your reaction when you got the scrubber moving was priceless. “Like a big kid on a bumper car” 🤣. Another piece of industrial kit saved from the scrap heap (With luck) I’m guessing like the machines here in the UK yours might have some circuit boards controlling the functions and that would be the only downside if they fail, apart from that they are usually pretty sturdy so long as you keep the pumps clear. 👍

  4. Watch Wes Work says:

    Using that in my shop would probably be considered cruel and unusual punishment!

    • C Allen says:

      You do that and you’ll scare away all of Max’s little targets.

    • Silent Epsilon says:

      I saw your shop in the last video and I don’t think you’d have enough space on the floor to get one good pass through the shop without mounting a snow plow to the front of it first 😆

  5. David Fist says:

    Only Diesel Creek could make a floor cleaner video so interesting!

  6. Type Zero says:

    Matt, your channel is literally my favorite channel on YouTube. I get so excited when you drop a new video, no matter what it is. I learn so much from watching you learn, and also from watching you work on the things you already know a lot about. Thanks for being you!

  7. These Old Engines says:

    Matt “This is my new Cat D9!” Gets a huge smile on his face.
    Also Matt “This is the cheapest floor scrubber I could find!” Gets the exact same smile

  8. Ron Hart says:

    I used to run a larger unit many moons ago as a teenager, and one thing I remembered about these machines. It was, they had to be run very slow for water pick up. And adjusting the water flow rate was also important. Add to your flow rate until you see a consistent wet brush mark, but no more. Think of it like a wet rag. Wiping off a table without ringing out the excess water. It puddles and leaves too much water. Ring out the rag and very little water residue is left.(Hopefully this makes sense) They also work better with more frequent runs. Our floors were cleaned WEEKLY. You do not want really dirty floors because it turns into a slurry (thick muddy mess) If you stay on top of things this machine will work out great for you. Nice find

  9. Dingley says:

    Nice addition to the shop. A previous supervisor used to insist our work areas were pristine at the start and end of each day, I never got out of that habit. It’s certainly safer and definitely easier to find things if you drop them, but it just ‘feels’ so much nicer to work in a clean space.

  10. edgy1rocks says:

    This was very satisfying to watch. Love it when a “good deal” turns out to be a pretty darn great deal! Love your channel.

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