I bought the STRANGEST TECH on the Internet.

I bought the STRANGEST TECH on the Internet.

The Craziest tech I’ve EVER seen in my life (from Amazon, Ebay, Wish.com and more) – Subscribe if you enjoyed!

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24 Responses

  1. Mrwhosetheboss says:

    Hey hey, just a heads up, I DID turn the LED Hoodie on, it’s just not very bright hen you’re looking face-on at it! (you can still sort of see it on around the hood area though)! 🙌
    If you had fun on this video, here’s my collection of “Extreme Unboxing” videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmY2kgWYwyQ&list=PLflqtq8EOGAL_OmnMixISKvdDwvWvoQGs&index=2

    • فهم Fahm says:


    • scool work says:

      shark tnak pavlok its the worst product

    • tetronis says:

      1st line 19th word, it should be when

    • Meet Umair Khan says:

      یا اللّه مجھے سپورٹ کرنے والوں کی زندگی میں ڈھیروں خوشیاں نصیب فرمائے انہیں ہمیشہ خوش رکھنا اور مدینہ کی ذیارت نصیب فرمانا اور ان کے ماں باپ کی لمبی زندگی عطا فرما آمین🙏

    • A Lex says:

      @S.O.Y I think it’s still sightly different to ninebot
      Motorized unicycles are also not super crazy, my team lead used to come to work with one

  2. RhinocamoGaming says:

    The safety belt would’ve paired perfectly with the unicycle and those roller boot things

  3. Animagician says:

    an interesting thing about the pavlok is that I’m pretty sure it was called out as a scam by Mark Cuban on shark tank

  4. Flash photography Lee Hensman says:

    Absolutely love this channel wouldn’t mind one of those powered wheels on my wheelchair, can’t believe price difference one designed for wheelchair would cost a couple of grand at the least, is absolute rip off, need to be rich to be disabled today. Wheelchair companies are the worst as they only sell things in singles and at triple the price, ie go to buy a set of new tires, they will only sell one at a time at £60 when you can go to bike shop next door and buy exactly the same tires but a set of two for £29. Ps sorry for rant has been one of those mornings 🙈😂

  5. Travis Dinham says:

    I’m definitely going to buy a mask like that.
    You’ve outdone yourself Arun 😂 Maybe the best video you’ve ever uploaded

  6. Mike Horne says:

    Such a funny video. Laughed so hard so many times!

    Thanks Arun, you’re a homie.

  7. Zeus Fitter says:

    That belt with the safety bag is genuinely useful. People who ride fast and older people can use it

  8. Sheneshka Thushinidu says:

    Arun : Risking falling while riding the Unicycle.
    The Safety Belt he bought for 812£ : Am I a joke to you?

  9. Zara 🍆 14 y.0 -check My V!deo says:

    The dodecahedron was really, cool as well as the “infinity mirror.”

    The emoji-mask looks perfect for Halloween.

  10. Flaming ice says:

    I just want to take a moment to appreciate this mans upload schedule. Most big yts dont upload this quality of videos this often. Hats off to you

    • Text me on TELEGRAM 👉 Mrwhosetheboss15👈 says:

      Thanks for watching
      Expect more uploads soon✔️
      You’ve been selected as a winner🎁
      Quickly send a direct me above to acknowledge your prize 🎊

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