I Boxed Wilbur Soot…

I Boxed Wilbur Soot…

Me, Wilbur & George train to become Boxers! We were all hilariously bad at this!!

We literally hired ourselves a whole Gym just so I could train to beat my little brother in a fight (he is a real boxer so it isn’t crurel). This mainly lead to me getting punched a lot! 🙁

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38 Responses

  1. Rebekah second says:

    George: “ That’s embarrassing”
    Jack: “Don’t worry, it’s only going on the internet”

  2. Gloonus says:

    Therapist: “Jack with more than one inch of hair isn’t real he can’t hurt you”

    *Jack with more than one inch of hair:*

  3. Emalee Kalish says:

    I thought George was the most uncoordinated human being, but then I saw Jack…

  4. Sara R says:

    I cant believe Josh actually hit him that hard, that’s hilarious

  5. homeekwo says:

    The title “Jack boxed Wilbur”
    The video: “Wilbur boxed Jack”


  6. Greta Woods says:

    Just Wilbur being a lot stronger, Gogy unlocking his testosterone, and Jack being beat up by his brother.

  7. Sheza Ali says:

    wilbur: minecraft
    george: missing punches
    jack: * eleven from stranger things mode activated *

  8. Antonia Sportiello says:

    I love how everyone in the comments is talking about George. It’s his world and we’re just living in it

  9. Natasha Brighty says:

    I just realised when Jack said “everyone thinks George is in Florida” George frickin GROWLED-

  10. Ella Salisbury says:

    George: “Sapnap”

    *Punches the punching bag*

    Sapnap who just returned to Florida: I see I was not missed by George

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