I Brought “Bad” Pokémon to a Tournament

I Brought “Bad” Pokémon to a Tournament

This is a story about bringing Pokemon nobody thinks are good to a huge tournament

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44 Responses

  1. WolfeyVGC says:

    Thanks to Holzkern for sponsoring todays video! Use code wolfey15 at checkout for 15% off storewide: https://www.world.holzkern.com/en_world/wolfeyvgc

    • TheIDPBoi says:

      i can’t believe that you’ll most likely have a million by the next video you post, wolfey. As someone who’s been following nearly every upload for about 2-3 years now, this feels really goddamn good.

    • Amateur says:

      Will typhloshion be any good in competitive

    • Sebastian Bissonnette says:

      Hey Wolfe, do you think there will be more World Champ Difference merch available in the future?

    • Anne says:

      Thanks for sharing, they have a delicate band option that I love. The style is really hard to find, especially with number markers on the face and at a lower price point.

    • Byō Kora7 says:

      Ceruledge would have been better Tera flying against great tusk who is a ground fighting type

  2. RTGame says:

    I can confirm that they absolutely called Tinkaton the Drift Queen back in college

    Went 5-4 with my own Tinkaton team at the International this weekend, she will rule the world

  3. CoolBowser says:

    As a non competitive Pokemon player, who loves using most of these Pokemon, I feel called out 💀

    • Athina Agelopoulos says:

      tinkaton is my favorite paldean mon i feel this

    • Johan Singh says:

      These Pokémon aren’t “bad” their are just a lot better Pokémon out there

    • Piranha says:

      ​​@Flamenami It’s so funny hearing him call Flutter Mane bad, when it got banned to Ubers almost day 1 in singles
      Just goes to show how different VGC is

    • Student says:

      Other than tinkaton, all of them are good tho. Some are less flexible like ceruledge while others are more flexible like Sandyshocks and flutter mane

    • bella says:

      this is how i felt when he couldnt get to #1 w glaceon
      i use it on every team i make on pokemon showdown and it usually does good

  4. Vinicius Batista says:

    wolfey really brought a singles team to a VGC tournament huh

  5. StickMaster500 says:

    Tinkaton may not be the strongest Pokémon in the world… but the moment you let your guard down, she will make sure to treat you like another Corviknight

    • Anuj Singh says:

      They should’ve made Gigaton Hammer super effective vs Steel or…something else to make its lore for vengeance match up

    • Exigency says:


    • Maxatrillion says:

      Stinkaton isn’t doing squat to Corviknight with 75 base attack. Corviknight’s Body Press actually hits harder than anything Tink can do to it.

    • William Ford says:

      Offensively it’s just not good. It’s really really bad. However it has a good amount of support options and can function in a team being a real pain in the ass if played correctly. T Wave, stones, fake out, encore etc

    • Emmanuel Narayanan says:

      RTGAME is here to. Coincidence

  6. Daidalus 2 says:

    Best Pokemon narrator in the game. 1 Million and more absolutly deserved.

  7. Zappelins says:

    The fact that this video released at the same time as the Europe international is going on where seemingly every other game on stream has a team with a Gyarados can only mean Wolfey predicted where the meta would go using his patented World Champ Difference.

    • Finn Schlenker says:

      ​@Eclipse Effigy That arrow is pointing at the Flutter Mane. Gyarados really was an uncommon pick at the time.

    • Pit DarkAngel says:

      @Eclipse Effigy My beautiful friend, you missed it. That was Flutter Mane

    • Eclipse Effigy says:

      In the opening graphic Wolfey shows Gyarados has 58% usage rate, so yes, every other team. There’s a big “except this one” pointing at it, you can’t miss it

    • Student says:

      And since annihilape isn’t that common anymore, you don’t have to fear giving defiant boosts to it either. And since palafin is at an all time high in usage and often runs close combat, you don’t need to worry about gambits much either

    • Student says:

      Gyarados and flying types are simply gonna rise in usage because of fissure ting lu

  8. beardoof says:

    Competitive Pokemon is insane, dude. The level of complexity behind those EV spreads and counters just blows my mind. Love this channel.

    • Wonderful Rose says:

      @Cyber Goblin EV training is pretty simple. A pokemon has up to 510, one stat can only have up to 252 points, and every Pokémon fought gives 1-3 EVs of a certain stat. You can also use certain items to increase or decrease certain stats.

    • Cyber Goblin says:

      I don’t even know how to EV train, this whole thing feels like its in pig latin but its facinating anyway

    • Christian Berry says:

      Yeah same!

  9. Steven Lee says:

    The fact you recreated the fights is insane. Mad props for putting in the effort to do this!

  10. A Shiny Lilligant says:

    Playing off-meta is such a psychological attack in tournament settings. Even with open team sheets the intimidation factor of bringing something most people consider bad or unusable to an in-person competitive event immediately throws a lot of people off their game.

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