I Built a 1500HP Big Block Mustang for Burnouts

I Built a 1500HP Big Block Mustang for Burnouts

I built a really powerful Mustang for burnouts.
Merch: https://westengw.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/westengw​​
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/westengw

Awsome parts: https://www.holley.com/

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23 Responses

  1. Daniel says:

    Westin could easily have made this into 5 videos, monetized the hell out of it, and made good money. But instead he did it all in one video and I respect the hell outta that. Every time he uploads I know I’m getting some sick content

    • Spoks thedrifter says:

      Deadass bro

    • joku henkilö says:

      Yep but I would’ve liked it more if it was more detailed in a couple of videos

    • Hami N says:

      When you right you right, appreciate the shit outta the dude for putting content 1st before trying to squeeze every dollar out of ad revenue

    • Suavage says:

      Took the words right out of my mouth. It’s honestly what makes his content so good.

    • message me on telegram @whistlindiesel1 says:

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  2. Bruce Wilson says:

    Top notch fun right there! Your videos make me want to do better ever day i film!

  3. kickit59 says:

    Westen you are so funny “It sounds like a pissed off lawnmower!” That’s the funniest statement I have heard in a long time! It’s classic Westen light em up and let’s see what happens! At least now that everything is figured out putting another motor in it won’t be too bad of a project! I am looking forward to the next video! I look forward to Westens videos more than any other because I know for sure I will get some laughs out of it! Keep up the great work Westen!

  4. Gabriel Killian says:

    I love how he cuts right to the chase and starts tearing down the mustang. And he could have divided this 16 minute video into 5 videos but instead he showed us the lifespans of two vehicles lol. That thing will be rowdyyy when it’s built

    • Jack Ryan says:

      Right? Once the video was over I was like “oh… he’s not gonna drag this out? He fr showed us the whole shebang? Hell yea!”

  5. Andries Du Preez says:

    I really love how he lives his life I don’t know if it’s just a show for us

    But the care free way he lives and not give a damn who say what about his ideas and execution of them I love it I look up to Westin

    • teamidris says:

      Difficult to tell. I built a small zero-turn yard crane over the winter with stuff I found. First thing it did was fold it up when I lifted it with a tractor, then I half rolled it into the hedge. Last week I front end-oed it onto the jib going down a grass bank. So on average westerns antics are a normal day here in Idrania 😀

  6. Gentry & Sons Trucking says:

    Damn I thought I was getting good putting a whole trip in a 40 min video you just dismantled 2 vehicles built a blown big block, installed it and blew it up in less than 20 mins!! Hell yah

  7. myob says:

    damn you took that engine blowing up like a champ. very optimistic guy hats off to you

  8. Jonah Haines says:

    This man is a Genius, I appreciate every video he uploads a lot of time and effort goes into these videos editing and modifying these vehicles

  9. Matthew Richards says:

    4 months to build, 3 seconds to blow up, perfectly balanced as all things should be

  10. Jay Collins says:

    Awesome guys I appreciate the effort that was put in the Mustang build and most of all I appreciate the jokes Westin gave us. Keep up the Good work 💯

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