I Built a COPPER FARM in Minecraft Hardcore (#55)

I Built a COPPER FARM in Minecraft Hardcore (#55)

Today I Built a COPPER FARM in Minecraft Hardcore, so I could get UNLIMITED COPPER in Minecraft! In a previous episode of hardcore minecraft I built a copper golem statue, and you guys told me to make a Minecraft drowned copper farm! Watch the whole video to find out how to get unlimited copper in minecraft!

Copper Farm Tutorial: ShulkerCraft

★ Watch the series from episode 1:


▸I Built a COPPER GOLEM Statue in Minecraft Hardcore (#54)

▸I Built a SHULKER FARM in Minecraft Hardcore (#53)

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33 Responses

  1. WadZee says:


  2. Nadia's Makeover says:

    Name the zombie that would get hurt and then take it to a upper place where there will be another layer up of snow golems and once it’s getting hurt the zombie should spawn

    • mohammed azhar says:

      u guys are so stupid the zombie would die straight away even if it had like full protection 4 netherite armour

    • Zelcat says:

      i love how there are like 8 bots in this chat and everyone just straight up ignores them lmao

    • obvChill says:

      @Kichuplayz i think in java it doesnt do damage anymore it just like doesnt affect it but you could put it on another layer without snowgolems and then encase it so all you have to do is break the block underneath it and let it fall into the water in the farm

    • mminecraft342 says:

      @mohammed azhar no u. Snowballs deal no damage and it would not die.

    • Lampe2020 says:

      But there is one problem: that zombie would die and the farm would stop working again…

  3. TheYeast says:

    Looking at your world, I think you could work on more immersiveness, all the projects seem kinda plopped in there and connecting them in some way could greatly improve it

  4. Ahh says:

    I just like watching this man build and I swear wadzee has more imagination in his pinky then I have in my whole body

  5. aCookieGod says:

    I’ll see you in 3 months!

  6. Jack Bishop says:

    A pathway episode would be amazing!!! Linking up all these builds to create an almost city vibe ( I think it could bring everything together cohesively )

  7. FastPots says:

    it’s always an amazing day when you see WadZee upload his amazing video 🙂

  8. King Bear says:

    Man you’ve been making complicated and enormous builds. It’s amazing that you are able to upload every month, considering how much time and work you put on every video. Don’t be sorry when you take breaks. You deserve it.

  9. Depth says:

    Fun drinking game: take a shot every time wadzee says “copper farm” in this video

  10. fWhip says:

    Heads up, I almost died using this farm in my HC world, baby zombies riding chickens can make it to the middle and will walk through the gap you’re using to kill them so be careful if you use an auto clicker

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