I Built a DOUBLE SKELETON FARM in Minecraft Hardcore (#4)

I Built a DOUBLE SKELETON FARM in Minecraft Hardcore (#4)

I Built A Double Skeleton XP Farm in Minecraft Hardcore! In this video I built a Skeleton XP Farm using TWO mob spawners. This is the easiest xp farm in minecraft!

★ Watch the series from episode 1 (2019):


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31 Responses

  1. OwO says:

    You know, there’s something so satisfying about seeing a hostile mob farm. The fact that you see a mob that you dislike get punished.

  2. DestinyGaleAries says:

    Your editing has become even better than it ever was… I love the timelapse and 3rd person parts of the video! Also I love how your standards for your playthrough have risen too. In your old house with the zombie spawner, you just carved out a hole and kept it exactly the same for 50+ episodes. But now you’re decorating it super fancy in the same episode you build the farm!

  3. Omatra says:

    But the real question is… How did he forget to plant the melons!

  4. Thinklegend777 says:

    Let’s just appreciate the editing… this makes art look boring, this man is truly amazing.

  5. Mustafa Kocaman says:

    I love how he explained why he got exactly 0 exp instead of just ignoring people who found it suspicious like other content creators.

    • Zselim Eğmen says:

      haklısın kanka

    • Max Charlier says:

      @AndyPlayz YT oh, I don’t mean to disparage his work. By far the best Minecraft channel. I’m legitimately awed by his work and commitment to builds. Especially in this series, it would be tragic if he lost all the progress… So like regardless of if he got merked or not, I’m excited to see what he does next.

    • AndyPlayz YT says:

      @Max Charlier nah he is actually pretty skilled and is a very reputable YouTuber. And even if he faked it, it’s still interesting to see how he progresses further in this world

    • Max Charlier says:

      Not gonna lie, still kinda sus… but even if he is doing a huge coverup, I still want him to continue in this world. So I am choosing to believe.

  6. thewitchbasket says:

    I love how much effort WadZee puts into his videos. He speaks plainly and respectfully, builds really cool things, and just offers such a chilled out experience. My favorite Minecraft youtuber.

  7. Kooky says:

    Wadzee, I love your content! You are so unique in the way you: Play, Build, Edit. you don’t just do the same thing other creators do because it’s what gets views. You make hardcore/starting over in Minecraft actually fun and enjoyable to watch. You aren’t entirely focused on automation and farms. You make time to decorate/build awesome things! Your editing is super clean and cinematic! It’s super enjoyable to watch, even your font choice lol most youtubers now just use the round font with a black outline, but you do something new and fresh, making it seem like a movie/tv show. Thanks for putting in the effort and creating content for us!

  8. TheVad97 says:

    The fact that it’s split into “chapters” and the music at the end with the “maybe I’ll be able to go home soon” is just top notch. Keep it up my dude

  9. simonrmerton says:

    Love the minecart idea to keep both spawners active.

  10. SpecialStarfish says:

    No way you actually made me stay for 20 minutes watching you make a skeleton farm and me enjoying that’s just pure talent love you man

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