I Built a GIANT LEGO Castle For My Cats!

I Built a GIANT LEGO Castle For My Cats!

RALPH & BELLA PLUSHIES: https://www.makeship.com/shop/creator/half-asleep-chris

I Built a GIANT LEGO Castle For My Cats! I combined 10 of the LEGO Lion Knight’s Castle with a ton of extra bricks, to create the ultimate GIANT LEGO castle, for my cats Ralph and Bella!

A big thanks to Sven from SeeYouInMainstreet for voicing Van Gogh!

This video is sponsored by the Ralph and Bella plushies. I am NOT being paid to promote them in this video, but do receive a cut of all plushies sold. They are sold by Makeship.

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27 Responses

  1. Half-Asleep Chris says:

    We raised £36,545.34 for schools in Cambodia! Thanks so much everyone, you’re amazing! The shoutouts will be in the next video, and £50 / $50 + donors should have been emailed a form to fill in with the name / names you want shouted out, so please keep an eye out for it. I’ll keep you posted with updates from charity:water and the specific schools / projects we’ve funded in future videos, but once again, thanks a million, I’ve been blown away by your generosity. THANK YOU!

  2. Generic Stud says:

    The fact that you had the patience to get some of these shots is so impressive. Great video as per usual!

  3. Derpnari says:

    Lego had never interested me because I had trouble seeing what Chris can see; what the humble Lego brick could become. I’ve loved all the Lego videos so far but this one is incredible, I love all the little rooms and details. The plants and greenery really bring it to life! I even saw the Chef taking advantage of that handy umbrella you installed! If there’s room I’d lug it up to your office and add a train station stop for the castle villagers! Thankyou for sharing Chris, and Happy New Year!!!

  4. Brick Technology says:

    Love your castle! The details are amazing and I just realize how big it is once the cats entered.

  5. RJMBricks says:

    I’m so impressed considering this is your first ever full on moc! It looks soooo good!

  6. 🥔 Traci The Potato 🥔 says:

    This guy is a legend. He treats his cats like they are gods.

    • Mischievous Oreo says:

      I just have to wait until my mom will let me, and soon I won’t JUST have my little asshole anymore, I’ll have a ROYAL asshole 😂 (My cat is the asshole)

    • Spud Shack says:

      @isyeayesyup this can only mean, wait, CHRIS IS AN ANCIENT EGYPTION

    • Spellcaster says:

      @Duco Schollmeijer yup they’re the overlords of all houses they’re in

    • Thijmen Cornelissen says:

      Yeah that explains the differance between cats and dogs. Dogs think: “my boss feeds me takes me out and is nice to me, they must be a god!” While Cats think: “my boss gives me food. Lets me out and builds Lego castles for me, I must be a God” LMAO

    • E Eng says:

      That’s what they deserve, especially Ralph considering all the hate black cats get. I always tell my black cat that she’s lucky, not unlucky, considering she got rescued in the mountains (by my parents) when she was 9 months old. Sorry for going off topic.

  7. Private1 says:

    I love how Chris admits it’s inaccurate then creates a whole backstory to cover it up 😂

    • Ants Ria Zhang says:


    • Jason Ziemnik says:

      Yea 😂

    • Heruhcane Dean says:

      @Alan Decker There’s only a dozen carrots growing, just the 4 knights defending the fountain of youth will eat those as sandwiches in no time. The carrot shortage is fast approaching.
      Good thing they have the carrots from 2064, everyone knows the free standing carrots grow faster and bigger then the classic in ground species. That award winning carrot is proof, can’t grow them that big using the classic ones, the ground gets all compacted and slows the growth.

    • Monika Zapotoczna says:

      Fnaf vr moment

    • projectblue🔵 says:


  8. Brick Science says:

    This was great Chris! I really liked how you used a different lens or effect to show the Minifigures in perspective- to seem very small. Similar to the LEGO movie!

  9. Lego Cooking says:

    This is gorgeous. Absolute piece of art.

  10. ThaT_BOM_guy says:

    It’s always nice to see stuff built for Ralph and Bella!

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