I built a LEGO Robot MECH Factory… 🤖

I built a LEGO Robot MECH Factory… 🤖

Today I attempted to build a new-and-improved LEGO robot factory that makes MECH suits we can use to save our LEGO city from DISASTER…

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20 Responses

  1. The B3 says:

    *Support this project on LEGO Ideas to help it become a real set someday:* http://bit.ly/3ZumRGj

    Sorry this video took so long, the next one will be faster 🫠

  2. Terilyn ✰ says:

    This was such an epic finale, it was well worth the wait! Can’t wait to see what adventures the CMF Citizens will embark on next in 24-ville 🤩

  3. 🦴Kingston The Fluffball🦴 says:

    Wow, the builds, the twists, the story, the sounds, EVERYTHING IS JUST SO INCREDIBLE! Absolutely amazing job! Really looking forward to 24-Ville!

  4. PopularSlime says:

    This was an absolutely phenomenal finale, I could rewatch this so many times and not get bored of it but that elf mech is actually terrifying

  5. Peteparker says:

    The drama! The writing! The acting!

    This movie is a masterpiece and should have been released in cinemas. Chef’s kiss!

  6. noplacelike67home says:

    This is one of the most inspiring youtube series. Also i really admire the fact you made a charity subgoal in 23ville. Thanks for the work!

  7. Mr dragon says:

    O.M.G. I am speechless. This was so worth the wait. I can see why it took so long (the mechs) and I can’t believe MY comment from 2 months ago made it in the final video! Great job! Looking forward to 24-vile and the excitement of that. I’ve already started getting series 24. Seriously, good job! Also the factory is 100% getting the supporters it needs. Can’t wait to have a B3 designed Lego set in my room. I almost thought that the vi wasn’t coming today as promised, but I was wrong. You deserve all the praise us fans have given you guys, keep it up. (Yes, I still need Winston, I’ll probably use the Muppets method and make poor financial decisions on Bricklink.)

  8. Creative Mindstorms says:

    Well, that was a rollercoaster and I enjoyed every minute of it! Amazing job on the storytelling and building!

  9. Maceo Nadge says:

    This was SO
    GOOD! The mechs where all amazing and very creative and the factory for Sherry was amazing too! Glad to see the original factory but with a different color scheme and lots more details, I love this lore so much too! 24 ville here we come!

  10. MasterBuilders says:

    we can all agree Gigachad Shroom is the Goat! Amazing video!

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