I Built A Minecraft Tank You Can Drive!

I Built A Minecraft Tank You Can Drive!

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Funny people in this video:
@Fundy @SystemZee @AntVenom
@AreuMadLoL @Wolfeei @Jameskii
@elybeatmaker @PointCrow @Reddoons
@Slimecicle @fruitberries
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45 Responses

  1. Mysticat says:

    Download Monster Legends now and claim your reward!

  2. Pixelcraftian says:

    slimecicle was smart doing it under the build, where’s the tank gonna go? down?

    awesome video!!!

  3. AntVenom says:

    It’s never just a build battle. 😂

  4. StrawberryBlueFox says:

    Seeing the segments with other YouTubers get increasingly longer through the past few videos has been great, I remember the first time I was like “man I wished this was longer, Mysticat and their friends are so funny”

    Sounds like a W to me!

  5. Cocoecake says:

    Mysticat has upgraded from cars to mega-drivable-rooty-tooty-point-and-shooty

  6. status gaming says:

    If you didn’t know the reason that the no gravity snowball went upwards is because dispensers don’t fire completely straight. Example: If you put a dispenser with projectiles (preferably arrows since they don’t break on contact) a couple blocks away from a block they won’t always land in the same spot maybe some projectiles will miss the block entirely.

  7. Franky_DJ IsKool says:

    instead of giving snowballs no gravity and making it explode and giveing it visual fire, you could just /summon a fireball which has no gravity, has visual fire, explodes on impact and looks like a fireball. All you would have to do is /summon it and give it volocity in the direction you were facing. Another cool thing is the you could also have the tank shoot dragon fireballs

  8. Killertree QZ says:

    It’s never about the build, it’s about the torture on other people, I love it

  9. Rayhan Larzele says:

    it amazes me at how hes getting better at coding everyday

  10. Bennett Fleming says:

    Just think. it’s a normal day in Minecraft, you’re tending to your farms, when you hear anvils clank. you look over, and to the tune of the Mario bros 3 airship theme, a splew of these tanks ride the horizon. how scary would that be? this is awesome dude!

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