I Built A SCULK PLANET in Minecraft 1.19 Hardcore (#47)

I Built A SCULK PLANET in Minecraft 1.19 Hardcore (#47)

Today I built an entire planet out of Sculk in Minecraft 1.19 Hardcore! This build required us to mine thousands of Sculk blocks, make a warden farm, and build high into the End! I also dumped a bucket of ice water on myself LOL…

Watch The Whole Hardcore Series HERE: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6gJkISajekAYxbVRE8bHuJKolT_PW8rc

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20 Responses

  1. Farzy says:

    Not gonna lie, this project was a GRIND, but I love how it came out!

    Also don’t forget to give me suggestions for the next Like Challenge! I’ll pick my favorite one if we hit 30k likes 🙂

  2. JWhisp says:

    Your builds are always getting better and better! Soon it’ll be hard to one up yourself

  3. #ohdairgoesmyvirginity says:

    Best farzy moments:
    “But with that being said…”
    Then makes a sound like a high pitched version of the sound villagers make when they’re hit. 😂

  4. Scrape says:

    i remember when farzy was asking for 2k likes to do a challenge and now he’s out here getting millions of views. So proud of u farzy you’ve came a long way. Love your vids so much

  5. Alex Archaro says:

    Challenge: make 6 large planets in the end! These planets can not have sculk in it. (This is because what ever block you use in one of the planets you can’t use those blocks in the other 6 planets)

    P.S. Sorry if this is hard! 😀

  6. Bruce Royer says:

    I really want this guy to make a solar system along with the skulk planet, that would be awesome

  7. Creep says:

    Hi farzy, I have a suggestion or two for you, I was thinking maybe make a mangrove planet and add a mangrove and a deep dark room to your biome collection and I’ve got a great tip for extra chests in ancient city’s where if you find a small structure with ice on it you can find a hidden chest under it, keep up the awesome work farzy. I love this build!

  8. DarkNinjaNight255 says:

    We see Farzy using his spyglass again in this episode, good memories 🙂

  9. Shawn Spencer says:

    Please do more planets, you could even make planets with specific biomes from the nether and overworld

  10. Claire Chen says:

    This is an amazing build (as always). I’ve been watching your series from the start, and I remember the like goal originally being 1500, and now it’s 30k. It’s inspiring how much progress you’ve made throughout this series. You’re always pushing yourself to your limits for us, so thank you very much for that 🙂

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