I Built a Split wheel Motorcycle, But will it work?

I Built a Split wheel Motorcycle, But will it work?

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27 Responses

  1. H2Oes Mad says:

    Yeah if anything was deserving of the “do not try at home” title this is definitely a winner! (It’s much more fun to do it at work anyways 😉 ) Didn’t expect it to be able to start galloping like a horse LOL

  2. Joshua LaTour says:

    This was amazing! The bumpiness is due to the two wheels exert different leverages on the swingarm due to different distances from the fulcrum (point of rotation). Thus the spring compresses more when the weight of the bike is on the wheel that is farther away from the fulcrum, and less when the weight is on the closer wheel.

  3. Victer Christensen says:

    You get more leverage to compress the spring when it’s riding on the rear wheel, kinda like when you’re closing pliers, then it’s easier to do when you’re clamping on the end of the handle.

    You could get rid of most of it by simply just riding without a spring and welding the whole thing so it doesn’t have any suspension travel, or you could stiffen the spring.

    Also, as another commenter said, you should have 55-60% of the tire left, so you get a smoother transition.

    • Matthew Hynes says:

      spot on man. I was thinking you put it on a chopper since they don’t have suspension usually anyways. I didn’t think of the 55-60% of the tire left, but that would probably help a lot too

  4. Mountain Pixie says:

    This was an awesome start to my day. Lots of laughs and such a joy to watch you make the most amazing bike ever! 🤣

  5. I AM Design Products says:

    Recently found this channel, absolutely love it. Subscribed. You had me dying when you called us all out for using a drill as a hammer hahaha

  6. Bob Eyes says:

    The suspension will compress more when the weight is being suspended on the different axles. It’s like holding a weight close to your body and then trying to hold the same weight at arm’s length.

    The only fix that springs to my mind is to in some way have the 2 rear wheels have independent suspension. That way, you can adjust each to compensate for the differing load.

    • Mike Mulligan says:

      The rear wheel being of a larger diameter could fix the bobble, but the tires also need to be of a fairly uniform “psi” on the cut ends also, I would guess. It wouldn’t be a lot bigger of a diameter, you could probably pick up the difference just in the tires and keep the same rims.. They could also make a waxed, vented jig to fill the cut tires with foam and maintain the qualities of the cured foam shell without having to cut off big sections of excess material and cause weaknesses. Blocking out the suspension is not going to fix the problem; it will probably just get more pronounced I’m guessing.

    • Take America Back From Isяael says:

      Also I think you need to use 2 wheels to make 1 wheel and each wheel half is slightly more than half a wheel.

    • Noah Mcelwey says:

      @Devansh Rastogi the suspension is compressing because of a change in the moment created by where the weight is supported. It would still bounce around. It needs to be on its own indipendent suspension

    • Forever says:

      Perhaps different pressures in the tires, which would sub as different suspension.

    • Tranquil thoughts says:

      My suggestion would be to completly redesign the swing arm. Make the swing arm into a T-shape and mount one wheel each on the arms. Mount the suspension on the body of the T-shape. At the crosssection mount three gears. Chain the first to the motor, chain the second to the front wheel and the third to the back wheel. And make sure to give the two chains to the wheels as little slack as possible to ensure that the wheels stay in tune. The only thing you need now is a tensioner (i have no idea if this is the right word in english) on the chain between the motor and the gear on the t-shape to compensate for the suspension. Finally i’d suggest to have each wheel be not exactly 50% of a tire but maybe like 55% to reduce the hopping.

  7. Mark Hutchins says:

    I have been waiting for someone to put a second back wheel on a bike. Shocked it took this long! Cutting the two back wheels in half I never saw coming! Love it!

  8. Ryan Schulte says:

    This is honestly the best motorcycle channel ever. Thank you guys!

  9. Ruger84 says:

    This episode has the vibe of parents going on vacation for a week leaving the kids to their own devices just hoping the house isn’t burning when they return & anything less is a victory,,,,
    Great episode guy’s it was awesome!!

    • Todd Sanders says:

      Or bigger tire on the front than on the back try them then synchronization comes to mind hmm.. get back to us on this.

  10. Devin Gero says:

    Have been watching you guys for a few years now. This video had me dying 😂. You guys are awesome! Keeps doing what you do!

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