I built a sunglasses brand to compete with Ray-Ban

I built a sunglasses brand to compete with Ray-Ban

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  1. Agentbravo1716 says:

    I actually really like those. Nice job dude, Glasses usually cost way too much if they are actually good, but if these cost less while retaining the quality, I might even buy them.

  2. Sweet Ambitions says:

    People who buy Ray Bans choose it either for the brand or because, like me, it was sold at the optometrist I went to and covered by insurance. Same or not, it’s gonna be difficult to compete with a brand that caters to rich and poor alike.

    • Inediblemangoes says:

      @The Nuclear Reactor they probably cost less than 50 cents tbh

    • Riccardo Rudatis says:

      @The Nuclear Reactor used to work there, the sunglasses cost such price because you pay mostly the assembly made by the workers.
      If you want a quality product you gotta pay the right price.

    • GrottoBot says:

      @Cloutlordjesse Poor people don’t have health insurance? Now more than ever people have had access to state insurance in liberal states. It really depends on where you live, but access to brand options is certainly easier for people who have a job.
      Your comment will probably always ring true in the USA though, even if the door is opened a little more through social programs.

    • The Nuclear Reactor says:

      Exactly Luxottica the company that owns Ray-Ban make a killing off them they only cost less than $30 to make but cost almost 10 times that to buy

    • Cloutlordjesse says:

      Ray-Bans are not for the poor… Poor people can’t afford to see the Optometrist or have Insurance. Only hard working people like you and I can afford such Luxury. That being said I doubt these glasses are anywhere as nice, But you gotta let people pursue their dreams even if they’re unrealistic you know what I mean.

  3. Benjamin Sumner says:

    They look like cheap glasses. It’s no longer difficult to get frames that line up and lenses that seem good for a few weeks especially for big brands. If yours are less than $30 then they look decent

  4. Dodgeless says:

    “Do you know how…”

    No, no I don’t.

  5. Mark Macleod says:

    The hard part is creating a quality design that will sell. I’m sure your glasses are high quality. The design is not.

  6. Matthew Williams says:

    It’s absolutely well worth it!

    I’d take a pair and also, it’s astounding how cheaply made they HIGHER END brands really are…. I have a pair of Versace sungoggles and the polarization STOPPED WORKING!?!

  7. Kirill says:

    I feel like I Buy raybans because of the “status” it brings with it. Idk if I would rock these if those were really cheap, even if the quality was better than rayban. But still cool Business idea, and respect for following up on your “dreams”/ idea, because so many people ( me included ) drop their business ideas like soo fast

  8. Masked Man says:

    Great marketing! Promote your business while also telling a compelling story.

  9. Coom Lord says:

    Has this dude just failed at everything besides YouTube interaction?

  10. Kayo Lao says:

    He looks to the left most of the time when he’s lying or fabricating about something

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