I Built a Tiny Ecosystem

I Built a Tiny Ecosystem

not to be dramatic but i would die for bobby

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  1. Melt says:

    We’re going to need frequent updates on this eco system 😂🔥

  2. Knarfy says:

    I see you have discovered the wonderous world of tiny ecosystems and keeping tiny animals 👌
    It’s my guilty pleasure 😂

  3. ReptiliaExotics says:

    As a reptile hobbyist this video means a lot to me. Seeing Ryan go into the world of terrariums and bioactive enclosures just warms my heart. Hopefully this video will inspire more people to enjoy the lives of different animals and maybe even get some themselves.

  4. kenzu says:

    Ryan’s video is the definition of a unique style.

  5. Skyla Markham says:

    As a reptile enthusiasts with lots of terrariums I absolutely love this! So nice to see people outside of the hobby making videos about terrariums and geckos. I recommend some leaf litter to make the vivarium look more natural and give the frogs more spots to hide. Thank you for showing off your awesome creation!

  6. R&B Fishing says:

    I love watching Ryan’s videos because they always tell a story and sometimes it’s hard to tell what the big idea will be (especially for this one) but he nails it everytime

  7. gaspii says:

    I want to see a series of this and see this ecosystem grow more and more 😊

  8. Brickverse says:

    This video was so relaxing 😌

  9. King crab vlogs says:

    I love how Ryan doesn’t care wat people think and does stuff to make HIMSELF feel good and we should all be like ryan❤❤

  10. Byter says:

    I like how he said he wishes Bobby knew how important he was to the ecosystem even though the world is much bigger and that it transitioned to picture of the whole universe. Might be meaning that we are like Bobby so small yet so important to our own ecosystem. I love his sense for detail

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