I Built a Villager COLOSSEUM in Minecraft Hardcore (#51)

I Built a Villager COLOSSEUM in Minecraft Hardcore (#51)

I Built a Villager Trading Hall in Minecraft Hardcore!

★ Watch the series from episode 1:


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33 Responses

  1. evil says:

    Next up build a villager arena where you force them to fight for diamonds and emeralds

  2. OwO says:

    Finally, village slavery is finally improving. I’m so proud of this change.

  3. Sam Spencer says:

    I was waiting for the “welcome to another episode of pointless building” when I realised it wasn’t pointless 🤦‍♂️

  4. Claudia Marchesani says:

    The structure is really cool! And I think making some random villagers just walk around the place will make it feel even more alive, like if it really was some kind of market or a city!

  5. Patrick Hendry says:

    Idea for another hard-core episode: make a raid farm and get infinite totems of undying.

  6. aCookieGod says:

    You one upped me before I could even upload my village transformation video tomorrow… wtf.

    Wadzee is reading my mind and is always two steps ahead.

  7. Christian Johnson says:

    Instead of a tree, I would recommend making some sort of statue, possibly a villager or totem of undying. I think the build is much more suited for a statue. Awesome vids, hope you see this (:

  8. Avicenna Ren says:

    At the rate WZ is going i feel like phil’s record will be broken

    I got a good feeling about this particular hardcore series

  9. Gero Heilig says:

    Maybe next Episode: a trail system/ train system to all your builds.

  10. Double A Gaming says:

    I love how Wadzee doesn’t even mention worrying about dying at all anymore. At this point he’s basically invincible.

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