I Built An Entire House Using Only ICE CUBES!

I Built An Entire House Using Only ICE CUBES!

I’m proud of myself..

Watch the Bloopers and Behind the scenes here!

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25 Responses

  1. Mariaagloriaa __ says:

    My love 💜💜💜💜💜

  2. 📼•Tape•📼 says:

    “For the next five days I’m gonna make a house out of ice cubes”

    Also Brandon: “What are these, Little Wood hemorrhoids!?”

    • Hica Fafa says:

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    • Tiyaa"💖 says:

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    • Tiyaa"💖 says:

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    • 📼•Tape•📼 says:

      @s1lent_Wraith21 YESSS😋

  3. Lynn Stringini says:

    When his titles are that out there, I always think he’s gotta be click baiting or at least EXAGGERATING. But Brandon never disappoints, man. Emotional, impressive, and funny as hell!

  4. Alden Jardine says:

    Brandon as a man who seeks approval from my gfs father, I can relate to this so hard. The dedication and the heart ache of you wanting to see your kids and your gf hopefully soon to be wife. Is both sad and heart warming at the same time. Love what you do and your morale. Incredible man!❤️

  5. Capp00 says:

    Wow, that was quite the dedication. Excellent video !

  6. I Am Commander Shepard says:

    The dedication and determination you showed in building that ice house was simply beautiful. Instead of using snow you used ice cubes. You didn’t chose the easy simpler route. There is no way her father couldn’t be impressed with this show of love for his daughter and his approval. I didn’t come here to cry but I did. You two are lucky to have each other

  7. Stacy 83 The fam says:

    Part of me started crying at the end. Go Brandon aka Beebs. You make my days so much better. Thank you for being awesome and for being you and never changing. I know all of us Dooders love y’all to the moon and beyond. Can’t wait for the next video.

  8. Berlin_notfound says:

    The fact that Brandon put so much dedication into making a house out if ice is insane to me

  9. Tiff Tiff❤️ says:

    The dedication is amazing. you stayed up HOURS to make a house. OUT OF ICE. You didn’t give up. Youve made my life better for 4 years. This is amazing. You deserve everything (including Gloria)

  10. SNB Stable's says:

    Brandon deserves everything, he does all of this for us, including his girlfriend. ❤️

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