I Built the ULTIMATE End Hub in Hardcore Minecraft!

I Built the ULTIMATE End Hub in Hardcore Minecraft!

I built the best end hub in hardcore Minecraft!
This video took me over 120 hours to create. You will see me build several farms, a mob switch, and a megabase with over 200,000 blocks in it! A quick subscription would mean a lot!
Discord server – https://discord.gg/TyUApjmzgk
Merch – https://my-store-cc8bca.creator-spring.com
Music – https://www.epidemicsound.com/referral/cllbx3
ilmango Stone farm tutorial – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2P3dnZH9s8
theGlotzerify Gold farm tutorial – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7zw4JYyBeo
Current subscriber count – 252,594
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34 Responses

  1. Wunba says:

    LIMITED TIME MERCH 2 WEEKS ONLY! – https://my-store-cc8bca.creator-spring.com/

    At 7:21 when it says the respawn in chat, that happens when you break your bed and go through and end portal.

    This video took over 120 hours to create from start to finish! I REALLY hope you enjoy! It supports 4k for the best expirence! Please subscribe!

    NOTE: There were parts within the video that needed to be re recorded, or edited out of order to make the video flow best. If you see any changes to the XP level that is the reason. Secondly, with the villager void trading scene, my footage currupted so I needed to re shoot on a copy and doing so needed to spawn a villager in. THIS WAS A COPY, that is why you might notice that the villager is missing the biome coat.

    Thanks for reading!

    • Its Bacon says:

      Hello Wumba I really love your videos and the base looks so insane but I wanted to ask you which texture packs or pligins your using because I like noticed that your totem has eyes that open and close

    • TC.Gaming says:

      Please make the inside

    • khity chaby says:

      🌹Fantastic🔥! Now my core is burning indeed, but I’m Hotstean.Cam not sure if the girls would have been equally excited of my performance like they were of Mel’s! 😉❤️And it’s soo funny to see how much these overly playful girls actually kept of your attention..

    • crafter shaheer says:


    • S_MineVids says:

      I will do anything to be in a vid literally anything o have both versions of mc too

  2. Duckio says:

    Your projects are just on another level! Absolutely crazy! And the build looks so good aswell!

  3. Beppo says:

    This is absolutely insane!

  4. Blooh says:

    These builds keep getting bigger and better each episode… Great work.

  5. Zero Maximum says:

    This is *The Most Massive and Most Astonishing End Base* I’ve ever seen! To be honest, is there a thing that could suprise me after this?!

  6. Sonia’s Way says:

    These builds keep getting bigger and better each episode… Great work.

  7. Besno says:

    Such Creativity and intelligence, this is so well made especially when it’s in the end, your hardcore videos are so entertaining man. 🙏

  8. DolphinK1ng says:

    What a beautiful way to control the end and make it your own dimension. You inspire a lot of us! Loving the content! Cant wait to see more!!!

  9. Skavio says:

    That’s insane, amazing work!

  10. HaloTheNemo says:

    The dedication this man puts into there videos are insane. This man definitely deserves more.

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