I Buried $100,000, Go Find It

I Buried $100,000, Go Find It

i cant believe i scammed mrbeast into giving me a free video lmao


follow all of these or i will kick you
• Twitter – https://twitter.com/ludwigahgren

and go subscribe to mrbeast if u havent i guess :3


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28 Responses

  1. Ludwig says:

    I somehow scammed MrBeast into letting me upload this video he made on MY channel …

    hope u enjoy 🙂

  2. Flub says:

    Can’t wait for this to be Lud’s most popular video on his channel. MrBeast is gonna make fun of him forever

  3. Pwhales says:

    I’ve been watching Lud for years now and I have to give him props. After all this time he finally made a video better than top ten salty ice climber moments!

  4. Luis Altuve says:

    Are we really going to skip the fact that the first challenge he had Lud at was to find a SUNKEN CHEST?

  5. ACTOrange Shorts says:

    Jimmy, you’ve done it again. Oh, and nice job getting to #1 on Trending Ludwig

  6. Neko :3 says:

    This Video was actually super entertaining 😆 But I agree that it wouldn’t have worked as well on Jimmy’s channel

  7. Top10Speed says:

    Good on Lud for giving 100,000 of his own money, really inspiring and shows how selfless he really is

    • yarin sh says:

      @Douglas Huffstetler nah its like 10$

    • syrus says:

      everybody taking this comment too seriously

    • Spirit says:

      @Douglas Huffstetler tell me u dont know how money works without telling me u dont know how money works

    • freedomprophet says:

      @Montry Lorenzo why the f would he give a flying f..k about some stalker searching clout over him?? Dude acting like those maniacs stalking twitch streamers and ending up in jail. Only question is when will he show up infront of his house. Not will he but when.

    • Saitama says:

      @Douglas Huffstetler pretty sure lud only has like 1-2mil compared to jimmy who probably has like over 60mil

  8. Dadusak says:

    Mrbeast is so good at Youtube that he has most viewed videos on OTHER PEOPLES’ CHANNELS

  9. Abizard Fahry says:

    Good on Lud for giving 100,000 of his own money, really inspiring and shows how selfless he really is

  10. Abdiel says:

    Wow, Lud is so great and environmentally friendly!!! Always finding a way to recycle content… Truly a different kind of content creator… lol I’m still gonna watch it (he is doing something right)

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