I Busted 56 Myths in Minecraft 1.19!

I Busted 56 Myths in Minecraft 1.19!

Minecraft 1.19 was just released so I decided to bust 56 of the craziest myths in this new update!

This video is inspired by Melt

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0:00 Sonic Boom Ignores Armor
0:14 Can’t Block Sonic Boom
0:22 Mud Dries Out in Nether
0:27 Mud Puts Out Fire
0:34 There Are Jungle Villages
0:43 There Are Jungle Villagers
0:49 There Are Swamp Villagers
0:56 You Can Trap The Wither
1:12 Can’t Spawn Your Own Warden
1:23 New Portal in Deep Dark
1:30 Turn Vexes Into Allays
1:37 You Can Call Goats To You
1:47 Silk Touch to Mine Sculk Sensor
1:59 You Can Waterlog Leaves
2:08 Swift Sneak Dive Mining
2:18 Poisonous Frogs
2:27 Allays Mine Diamonds
2:37 New Music Disc Spawns Herobrine
2:51 New Music Disc Lights Portal
2:59 Can’t Spawn Warden on Surface
3:06 Frogs Eat Magma Cubes
3:12 Skulls in Ancient City
3:19 Blowing up Ores Drops XP
3:27 Furnace Minecarts Have GUI
3:36 Tadpoles Run From Axolotls
3:43 Warden is Lava Proof
3:50 Silence Sculk Sensors
3:58 Moobloom
4:03 Mobs Spawn in Nether Portals
4:15 Allays Use Totems
4:27 Command To Place Structures
4:40 Secret Paintings
4:49 Sink in Mud
4:56 Riptide Makes Boat Faster
5:05 Fletching Tables
5:16 Tropical Fish in Mangrove Swamp
5:25 Directional Audio
5:38 Distract The Warden
5:45 Banner Waypoints
5:55 Chest on a Boat
6:03 Diamond Armor in Ancient City
6:15 Spawn Fireflies
6:20 Disable The Warden
6:31 Pandas Sneeze Slimeballs
6:43 Infinite Dimensions
6:52 Ancient City Redstone Room
7:01 Vines on Soul Sand
7:09 Sculk Sensors Can’t Hear Wool
7:15 Alligators
7:21 Mangrove Tree Saplings
7:29 The Bundle Was Added
7:39 Block Minecarts Stay Together
7:47 Cheats Without Enabling Them
7:54 New Advancement
8:01 Another New Advancement
8:08 End Portal Frame Different

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33 Responses

  1. Sword Diamond says:

    Fireflies was intended to be added as decoration and food for frogs but the developer team later found out that fireflies are poisonous to frogs so they decided to remove them. I wonder why they can’t just let it be as decoration only and not food for frogs?

  2. The_Crepper_gamer says:

    The difference off the portal frame is the 1.18 is lighter and in 1.19 is darker

  3. Chebic says:

    Nether Portals (at least in Bedrock) have been able to spawn zombie pigmen/piglins for a long time, its just incredibly rare, people have built gold farms around this feature. Also if you make your portal large enough a ghast can even spawn

  4. Maren Ail says:

    In bedrock eddition there are all kinds of villagers like plains villager/savanna villager/swamp villager/forest villager/gungle villager/snow villager ect. And plus these villager are in bedrock since 1.15 and you can water log leaves with water and Lilly pad

  5. Baby Oof says:

    Also, there’s an achievement for having all frogs on a lead
    “When the squad rolls into town” or something like that

    • local potato :) says:

      @ShadowPlayz no thats because the xp bottles make a sound when being thrown and landing and warden goes afer every single sound no matter what it is it might even be your dog so be carefl

    • ShadowPlayz says:

      If Yall Are reading This, I Think The Reason He Got Distracted By The XP Bottles Is Because When They Are In The Air They Count As An Entity, Multiple XP Bottles Makes Multiple Entities, The Warden Was Coded To Go After The Player By Targeting The Player Entities, When You Throw Items It Counts As “Moving Entities” So The Warden Thinks That He’s Going After The Player.

    • Lujo Drimov Kvišin says:

      “When the squad hops to town” have all 3 types of frogs on a lead.š

  6. Steven°o° says:

    Fun fact: if u breed an villager at jungel/swamp biome u get the biome villager

  7. Kartik The Tiger Simmba says:

    Myth: u can mine sculk catalyst with silk touch
    Myth 2 : sculk sensors cannot activate shrieker when on water

  8. Wallace Garrett says:

    You CAN Spawn a warden above ground, it just has to be night and there has to be no other wardens within 48 blocks.

  9. Achilles Lz says:

    The reason there are swamp/jungle Villagers is because sometimes a plain village is too big and ends up sticking into a swamp/jungle, so since Villagers spawn in their house AND the houses spawn in the swamp/jungle sometimes, it’s why they obv spawn in the jungle THEN a villager always has a different look for every (well almost) biome it spawns in

    Correct me if I’m wrong

  10. Icy Vfx says:

    *Fun Fact* : You can enable cheats even in a hardcore world with cheats off by clicking “ *Open To LAN* “.

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