I can’t believe Jaden is 21?!?!

I can’t believe Jaden is 21?!?!

The equation still astounds me… Love + Tequila = a Person. 🙂 Happy Bday, J-Diggy.
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50 Responses

  1. CBOneSpear S.M says:

    “He talks to me as if I’m the 2nd best rapper in the house”???

  2. Swordking Master00 says:

    Jaden Smith come back to the MOVIES and do KARATE kid part 2 with jacky chan!

  3. shubhankar shinde says:

    That father son bond is real inspiration sir! Thank you for sharing! Happy 21st to icon’s icon??

  4. Oma Rumunna says:

    People rag on him for being this eclectic-eccentric but he is so amazingly creative and intelligent we know they’re jealous.

    Also, a black kid in Hollywood who the cops have never been called on… You did a great job.

    P.S did you ever meet Cameron Boyce?

  5. Jamy Kabeya says:

    This legit felt like a documentary????

  6. Yurchuke Siro says:

    A father knows his child’s dream & supporting to make his dream comes true…. it really moved my heart tq #jaden’s family ?
    Much love ? frm India ??

  7. Student Vlogs - Dylan says:

    This video is lit. Mad respect to Jaden, originality is rare

  8. CPNICHOLLS says:

    It feels like only yesterday I was watching Karate Kid for the first time,
    Happy 21st Jaden!!

  9. heeejj k says:

    The smiths are some of the most inspirational and down to earth people i have ever met. The support and love they have for each other is unlike anything else I have seen. I’m lucky enough i got to meet will Smith when he was vacationing in my city.
    It was one of the best days of my life.

    • Big black Hammar says:

      You are so lucky ?

    • heeejj k says:

      @Big black Hammar my mum’s work colleague met him too at a little casual bar. Had no idea he was chatting to will. Till after the bartender told him when Will left! They tend to holiday on an island off the coast of my little city. In Australia we don’t have a lot of paparazzi and my city is basically a tropical paradise with privacy. They love it here 🙂
      I was lucky to run into him when he went bungee jumping at aj hacket (our bungee jumping facility in the tropical rainforest next to our uni.)

  10. Jaxon says:

    Will Smith: I can’t believe Jaden is 21.
    My dad: bro who tf is Jaxon?

  11. _r ahmed says:

    Baby Jaden asking his mom: “mommy are you happy?” Melted my heartttt ????

    • Justice D says:

      @coolest kid 10:31

    • coolest kid says:

      @Justice D oh thx

    • 525dtmcc says:

      Word @_r ahmed, it took me back to some of Jada’s comments, about being unhappy, on her Red Table Talk show. It also reminded of me of my middle son and how I could tell him that I was unhappy with his behavior and it would pull on his heartstrings and cause him to do better so mommy wouldn’t be sad

    • Grasshopper Gawddess says:

      That’s when someone started cutting onions in the room ??

  12. Micoyaaang Micong says:

    I can’t believe I’ve been living all this time and not knowing that Will Smith has a youtube account. Have I been living under a rock?

  13. Las Vegas Nights says:

    *Pursuit of happiness made me shed a thug tear* ????

  14. Jaimee Dianna says:

    This is beautiful! Nobody is perfect or a perfect parent, but you can get close. To Will and Jada you certainly raised a phenomenal man! I hope the same path for my future children; Well done guys, well done! He really is an icon!????

  15. Damla Bahri says:

    Remember when he just turned 18 and he went to England with his family and ordered alcohol and Will was all confused so Jaden just looked at him and said “It’s legal to drink alcohol in England when you turn 18 years old.” Hahahahahahahaha

  16. Tynisha Lewis says:

    Will produced Jaden. Greatness produces greatness. This statement is not about money, but rather spirit and mindset. Great work Will, Jaden, Jada and family…

  17. Tina Adams says:

    Very IMPRESSIVE. He used his fame to save people (by providing clean water people who are in need). Well done! Keep the good work, lad. Happy belated birthday.

  18. oladokun frosh says:

    Jaden is a great spirit. Plenty love from Nigeria. A real icon! A prodigy… Son of the fresh Prince.

  19. Valerian Mercadejas says:

    Will Smith: I can’t believe Jaden is 21?!
    Me: *I can’t believe you have a YouTube account and you’ve been posting this vlogs for years* ?

    Ghaaaaaad, where did I go wrong?

  20. C Guy says:

    Everyone: “Imagine having a father like Will Smith”
    Me: “Imagine having a child like Jaden”

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