I can’t believe this happened again…

I can’t believe this happened again…

I can’t believe we’ve sat back for a year and let this happen again
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  1. Patterrz says:

    Glad that Jack is putting his foot down and making sure things like this are addressed! It could be even bigger than last year so more people need to be aware!

  2. VelocityTheFloof says:

    Out of every single person on this platform, I feel that Jack is the most pure of heart. And I don’t mean just because he is doing amazing things for others, but his personality. And some of his honesty. I know that every YouTuber puts on a happy face, but I feel that Jack can be so genuine sometimes, and those are moments you rarely find with other creators anymore. And I also know there are many comments saying that about him but I really really mean it. It’s so wonderful that he is doing fantastic things for others. And him just being in the YouTube community helps so many others when they are going through a rough time. You really are a true influencer Jack. You are a genuine, amazing influence on so many people and you help more people get through things than you could ever imagine. And I appreciate everything you put up with too, like personal things behind the camera and things like haters. Thank you Jack. For being who you are, and we appreciate you. And weather your reading this part or not, I really appreciate it. And keep on hangin in there. If your someone going through a rough time, I promise you can get through this, but you don’t have to get through it alone. And if you need help, don’t be afraid to reach out. I know is scary at first, but it will really help you. And I believe in you

    • RPGGIRL017 says:

      *clap and a half* I couldn’t agree with you more. Jack has gotten me through rough patches. He’s truly the most genuinely good YouTuber out there.

  3. Genna Perkins says:

    It’s always so exciting to see Jack so excited. The amount of passion he puts into his charity work is downright contagious.

  4. Yvette B says:

    I just love how passionate Seàn is about the charity every year, no matter which one. He is just such a good man.

  5. Vance Brodnik says:

    This is why Jack is one of the few Youtubers, who rose to fame, and then never fell off. Jack has battle depression and other things throughout the years, and chose to keep going on for us, and for that, I gave him my respect wholeheartedly.

  6. StickMun says:

    Even when he’s shouting at us he’s being wholesome, this man is a walking inspiration

    • LPS Devon23 says:

      It’s a bot don’t respond to it

    • Danny Adam says:

      @Lucarn Anderson i mean ok. But its not stupid political s### it has consequences that can get LGBTQ people and minorities and innocent people KILLED. Its kinda serious that jacksepticeye with a large huge fanbase at least call out hateful and harmful bs. Its the responsible thing to do as A HUGE CREATOR.

    • Lucarn Anderson says:

      @Danny Adam man people dont a shit about stupid political stuff. this video has absolutely nothing to do with that crap

    • Danny Adam says:

      If only he would call out Donald Trump for threatening democracy and basically trying to put the u.s. to fascism. Lol if shawn actually cared about doing good he’d at least call out ben Shapiro for being a lying facist nazi. Man 1.9K morons literally don’t care about democracy at serious risk.

    • Lucarn Anderson says:

      I honestly didn’t even notice he was shouting till he stopped shouting lol

  7. redClover 83 says:

    the passion u can feel from his words, and the fierce look of determination in his eyes was so powerful! i hope people can give what they can and everyone have amazing holidays!

  8. StarrTP says:

    Jack is one of the most respected YouTube I’ve ever seen. I may not watch every video but I love the passion he dumps into every video and his honesty💜

  9. Nathan Parker says:

    Jack, no matter what you do…. You are such an incredible individual. You’ve helped so many people out in many ways that are un- imaginable. Thank you for everything you do man… Really.

  10. jeffery says:

    Wow, this video really inspired me to be a better person and start trying harder, start making people laugh, start making people smile, overall just start making people happy.
    Jack your a huge inspiration to me and millions of other people. You make me happy when I’m sad and get me to laugh when I don’t think anything could make me. This world need more people like you man, more people that volunteer to help people greatly in need, more people to try make a difference. Your a very respectable person and one who will do anything to make people happy.
    Please if your reading this Jack, comment so I know that you’ve red it, thank you so much and by the way I can’t wait for the God of War: Ragnarok series to come out, I’m sure it’ll be AWESOME!
    Thank you and…

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