“I can’t believe what I’ve just witnessed” 😮 | Keane & Neville react to Man Utd’s win over Liverpool

“I can’t believe what I’ve just witnessed” 😮 | Keane & Neville react to Man Utd’s win over Liverpool

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Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher, and Roy Keane react after an unrecognisable Manchester United performance of class and intensity saw goals from Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford earn a deserved 2-1 win over Liverpool at Old Trafford.

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47 Responses

  1. Seauin Ireland says:

    The opening tackle in the first few minutes on Saleh set the tone for United. They showed up and meant business. Cudo’s to the manager ten Hag for making the selections and non-selections. This is the Manchester United I know and love. Heart, tenacity, non-stop effort and depth of character. Looking forward to Southampton. Well done lads.💯

    • Stop Wasting- use ShareRing! - sharering.network says:

      Ajax fan here. If they give Ten Hag enough time he will turn ManUnited in the most exciting playing team in the League!

      The only doubt i have is if the english billionaire players will obey him like the Ajax players have. And also Ten Hag was ridiculed here by the media the first six months(and still even) concerning he’s a bit awkward in his communication and accent. And in English it’s even worse.. lol

    • Havoc says:

      Art of Deception well done

    • scott wiggans says:

      @Taz Ali lol it ended2-1 mate you lost

    • Taz Ali says:

      then u woke up and salad scores a hatrick lol

  2. MFM says:

    Seeing a lack of appreciation for Martinez, he was bloody solid in defense. Finally a proper, gutsy and strong Man Utd defender.

  3. lfc says:

    It wasn’t just Neville & Keane, I myself as a Liverpool supporter couldn’t believe the performance ManUtd put in. They played like monsters. Klopp was right, would have preferred to face a Man Utd that won 4-0 at Brentford and not the other way round (😂)

  4. Mandosami says:

    Maguire. Just magical. Sublime. The way he held his position…inert and yet having such a sustained impact from the bench, sorry I mean, on the bench. Outstanding. Amazing tactical awareness off the ball. Those micro assists that characterize his typical false 5 role for the opposition – completely absent tonight.

    • Your Buddy says:

      now you know why man utd paid so much for him. Perfect positioning, stopping any liverpool strikers from stealing the bench. and only for £80M? what a bargain!

    • James Neilson Graham (love in the time of war) says:

      Mandosami: Nice satirical writing . . . !

    • RagerNation says:

      @GetToZahChopper2 Pogba was always class, I’ll hear none of that slander.

    • GetToZahChopper2 says:

      yeah pogbas gone now …u dont need to keep using maguire as his scapegoat

      a 2 -1 home win against a poor liverpool and everyones wetting themselves …the football fans mind has truly been Reset

  5. Bryan Heslin says:

    Best performance for a long long time .They looked like a Team .And the most important thing is they played for each other .Brilliant ⚽️👍😎

    • PALMARIUS🌴 says:

      @LukewarmApe injury crisis? They’ve still got one of the best defences in the world and that front 3 is still elite. You’re just in bad form right now, stop crying

    • FIFA COLLEGE says:

      True man Man United are at least starting to play better. Let’s hope they keep it up!

    • RT 7 says:

      @LukewarmApe yeah Liverpool underperforming since pre season.
      And not only that, United played well as a team in this match and 2 pre season without CR7;
      also played well without Shaw and Maguire as a team and as individual.
      They brought Casemiro, and maybe soon Antony&Gakpo, that’s a progress not regress i am sure.

    • Shaun Duffers says:

      Ggmu glazers out

    • LukewarmApe says:

      Honestly I disagree. This was more of Liverpool underperforming during an Injury crisis rather than Man U playing well. Will be back to normal next week with Man U.

  6. newa says:

    Maguire was man of the match. His absence was a tonic for the team.

  7. Fearsome137 says:

    First time in yrs that I’ve seen runners,desire and even the hype they gave eachother when defending etc was so refreshing as a utd fan,and hag after match interview just screamed of passion to make the team respect eachother and run through walls for the team.

  8. Ma'az Shaikh says:

    Kudos to ETH, he took a brave decision to drop Ronaldo and Maguire, bearing in mind that one is an all time great and other is his club captain. The team was spot on, right from the word go. Each and every player knew exactly what they need to do, the transition from defense to attack was smooth and well organized. Also patience, United waited for the right moment to make the move, this is clearly evident in the first goal when Malacia chose to go back to Martinez instead of chipping one in the box, who then opened up the space on the left flank which then led to a brilliant one-two and a composed finished from Sancho. They didn’t rush, waited for the right opportunity and hit Liverpool.

  9. cynic stelios says:

    As Gary said, this can’t and shouldn’t be an one off. They just proved to themselves that they can do it, so go out every weekend and perform, sweat, show some pride for their own selves above all. And the manager, keep making the calls that are best for every game, like today. Maguire shouldn’t be our captain nor starting the games.

    • hi says:

      @P A Not a United fan but I would want to know what Ten Hag is on if he brought Maguire back into the mould after this

    • K Twine says:

      @P A I hope you’re right, last night was the first time I’ve genuinely enjoyed watching my team for some time.

    • P A says:

      @K Twine Depends. If Ten Haag reacts to this by re-instating Maguire then the players will all know they can get away with not putting a shift in. Maguire and Shaw both deserve to be dropped, and I hope it lasts a long time to really push the message that a place in the team might, for once, depend on actually playing well…

    • K Twine says:

      I’m a United fan and I worry that it will be a one off, this win just papers over the cracks in my opinion.

  10. Sasa Z says:

    Honestly, as we all figure out long time ago, there is no place in this team for Maguire. He is just to slow, to inconsistent. Some people said how Lisandro was too short for the PL, but he was terrific, he needs someone beside him who can compliment his tenacity, and Varane was that guy. Also, Malacia was terrific, Luke Shaw shouldn’t be near this team when Malacia is ready.

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