“I can’t breathe!”: Minneapolis man dies after police confrontation

“I can’t breathe!”: Minneapolis man dies after police confrontation

The FBI is looking into the death of a black man after he was stopped by police in Minneapolis. Video of the confrontation shows a white officer with his knee pinning down the man’s neck. CBS News chief justice and homeland security correspondent Jeff Pegues joined CBSN with more.

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83 Responses

  1. Michael Maddox says:

    This poor news guy. He was so close to breaking down into tears. 🙁

  2. j swift says:

    the cop is literally enjoying crushing this dudes neck

    • Life's Journey says:

      You are absolutely correct. From what i can see, the cop is leaning forward and pushing his knee into this man’s neck. What i also noticed is that the police officer’s hand is in his pocket (to conceal the fact that he’s using his hand to push his knee harder into Mr. Floyd’s neck).
      I am physically sick. This has to stop.

    • Emily Dempsey says:

      very sick, evil man.

    • La Vonya Marshall says:


    • La Vonya Marshall says:

      @Life’s Journey I noticed that too

    • Candace Irene says:

      His nose was bleeding and he peed himself. This is horrific! 😡😭

  3. HotelHideaway TipsCM says:

    You already have cuffs on him why put your big bodied self on his kneck, you cops disgust me.

    • william Cranston says:

      Air Viper once he passes out you know you’re causing him to not be able to breathe. If they’re talking they’re breathing but he continued after he passed out so he knew he was killing him.

    • Wïll says:

      The width of the cops arms do not say “big boddied”

    • Ethan Hogan says:

      It is not all cops he was just being stupid they’re are great police around our country

    • Vil 9 says:

      @Wïll big bodied or not. How much weight pressure do you think someone neck can take and for how long. He slowly and painfully killed the guy as his face was also getting crushed against the pavement.

    • Demitrice Underwood says:

      Because ,they are AFRAID of a BLACK MAN, PERIOD ,it took 4 white boys to hold down a cuffed Black man ?? Of course it does when you are already PETRIFIED COWARDS.

  4. Henlo says:

    I’m not American but this is makes me so furious beyond my breaking point

  5. Peace Maker says:

    Another camera angle showed that there were actually two more police holding him down. They were blocked in this video by the car. 4 in total

    • A M says:

      Yep. All 4 fired immediately and charges pending

    • PrettyRed Gemini says:

      I was wondering why they were saying 4 officers were fired. Because I only saw the white and Chinese officer and didn’t see any other officers until they were ready to load him on the stretcher. I wasn’t sure if they had just pulled up or what

    • Zenigundam says:

      What a bunch of cowards, just like the Eric Garner situation and George Zimmerman murdering Trayvon. We need to rise up and start a rebellion against cops and feminism. Alpha males and strong black men should not have this crap happening to us.

  6. Batson84 says:

    This makes me sick! The guy is clearly not resisting after being handcuffed. 4 cops 1 guy. Like you can’t just hold him but the arm? There are 4 cops!?! My god!

  7. jordan williams says:

    I’m tired of marching, protesting and praying. We done that for to long with now results afterwards

    • Lazy Lee says:

      jordan williams it’s time for war! You must fight for what you believe in!

    • Tylnorton says:

      This took place in 2014. Just around the time when the marching and protesting really started picking up. But either way you’re right…

  8. Thomas Grande says:

    This is hard to watch. I wanna stick my foot through the phone to kick him off

  9. JustAnotherNewYorkCityRAT says:

    They say he was “fired” doesnt really matter he will most likely move to another police deparment in no time

  10. Asapsaed7 lowry says:

    “black lives matter” where????

  11. Abdullahi Muhyidin says:

    *”Administrative paid leave”*

    No They are on a vacation and getting paid for killing a man.

  12. Abdullahi Muhyidin says:

    *“Were his civil rights violated ?”*
    They killed a non-resisting man after he told them he can’t breathe!!! Idk you tell me

    • Judi Lynn says:

      As they have so many times before.

    • Hunter Daniele says:

      If you can tell someone you cant breathe, you can breathe fine. He either had blood cut off to his brain or the officer snapped his neck. Either way he was murdered. That I agree with

    • Rachael Sampson says:

      He could breathe but only a little bit. His air way was being cut off. That’s why he was saying he couldn’t breath.

  13. ProudlyETHIOPIAN says:

    “This is America” -Childish Gambino.

  14. BlueCreeperBoy BCB says:

    The officer should go to prison. He still murdered someone. You shouldn’t be above the law just because you are an officer.

  15. Ekin Can uzunoglu says:

    Get your headline straight, he did not die, he was murderered…


    Dear God, our creator save us and our children from oppression.

    • servant of jesus says:

      Please lord Jesus deliver us from babylon:(

    • I'm SoOverIt says:

      He’s coming soon. Hold on a little longer. They know it too, they Are Going to Be On Us this Summer. But Vengeance is the Lord’s

    • X2HaydeN2X says:

      HIDAYAH ANDERSON God is good. God is all powerful, yet he lets these things happen. Utterly disgusting

  17. T Wes says:

    So if you commit homicide you just get fired? Huh… I thought that’s what life sentences were for.

  18. Michael Swann says:

    All four of them have been fired, Now arrest them all . If it was anyone’s of us we would be in jail now . Make a Example out of them .


    He called for his mother , as they were finishing him. What a cruel world . How can a mother live with this,,😢😢

  20. Schplansky says:

    I hope this isn’t forgotten in a month. How many times should things like this happen until meaningful reform is delivered?

    • Trey Mathews says:


    • Kyle says:

      I’m afraid to say but this will be forgotten by tomorrow. There has been so many cases like this that people has become immune to it. Black lives matter does nothing other than a show. Police brutality and homicide goes unpunished. So since nothing seems to change, nothing will.

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