I can’t do this forever.

I can’t do this forever.

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39 Responses

  1. Tom Scott says:

    There are a LOT of links in the description.

    • The Govermet says:

      you could always visit my house and learn what my house looks like. true learning experience.

    • Jakeukalane Milegum Firisse says:

      Do you know about Stable Diffusion?

    • Daniel Mortensen says:

      The one that I submitted should have said 2.4 million not 3.5 billion got the numbers mixed up a little bit. If you read it it’ll make sense

    • Ultistinct says:

      @Victor Lopes Victor

    • Ashley Gwynne says:

      Who killed the last bear in the forest of Dean… it’s a local myth that the foresters in lydbrook killed the last bear in the forest but the story behind it was apparently a circus bear that escaped… I don’t know much about it really but from what I’ve heard it’s an interesting story. Could be worth worth looking up mate.

  2. LegalEagle says:

    Good god. I had no idea the iceberg was that big below the water.

  3. Nico Jones says:

    Alright, so, notes:
    1) Entirely and completely understandable.
    2) This much advanced warning is unheard of, I can’t even get a weekly meal plan without incident, damn.
    3) I’m certainly not going anywhere, or feel upset/betrayed/insert dramatic angry word here.
    4) Ultimately, so proud you’re taking care of yourself.
    You’re one of the good ones, Tom, and that’s putting it lightly. Can’t wait for the 10 year finale and all the comes after 🙂

  4. Ragnarok says:

    Tom Scott is probably one of the purest humans ever to have walked the earth.

    Kudos and congratulations on the almost 10 years, I know you’ll make it to the finish line!

  5. hexistenz says:

    Tom, to me you’re everything the internet could be, at its best.
    Well researched.
    Light yet rigorous.
    Surprising, quite often.
    This is what I dreamed the internet could become, after reading “Ender’s Game” years and years ago.
    Thank you ever so much, from the bottom of my heart, you keep us sane and hopeful 🙏 🙏 🙏

  6. Lucas Moran says:

    It’s honestly undisputed that Tom has to be one of the greatest Youtubers on the platform and has helped elevate the platform in the time he’s been on it. 10 years on the trot would be a remarkable achievement. Truly one of the GOATS

  7. welowrider32 says:

    Not gonna lie, despite your form of media not being on “mainstream” media outlets, I would think that you’ve had an excellent impact on british, no international views on how to produce mostly short form videos on topics that are niche, but super interesting and actually think that you deserve a knighting. So much work to output some of the highest quality videos I’ve seen. Thank you for being in my feed for the past 8 years.

    • Markyroson says:


    • rogink says:

      @rushdash It seems ‘knighting’ is a rather archaic word for the act of conferring a knighthood. So it’s hardly a ‘normal’ word. I wouldn’t have corrected someone – who may well be non-native English speaker – but it’s obvious the OP meant ‘knighthood’. Or in everyday parlance: “give Tom a gong!”

    • Maisie P says:

      That’s such a great idea. I wonder how we can put him forward

    • DiceToTheDice says:

      Agreed. After everything Tom does on youtube for highlighting interesting places across the country, some even go beyond that like in the US and everything, I definitely think that he deserves a Knighthood.

    • rainy tee. says:

      definitely international! australian here and i absolutely adore tom’s videos they’re so easy to binge and very informative while also being understandable to my smooth brain

  8. IntentionalMisery says:

    If there’s a hierarchy of consistent bangers videos in youtube Tom’s Scott is definitely up there

  9. AntiMono48 says:

    Tom, when you want, take a rest or go on holiday! You’ve been educating us longer than we’ve ever needed, and we’re soooooo very grateful for it! Nobody will complain that you’re taking a rest from ten years of YouTube. Trust us. We don’t mind.

    • Safe-Keeper says:

      100% sure he takes breaks. Remember YTers can record videos and then set them to auto-upload. If he records, say, four videos in a single trip, that’s material for a month even though the trip maybe only lasted for a week or two.

    • 4jewtube says:

      I agree, if he needs a break, he really should just take one. Take a week, a month, or whatever he needs.

  10. Ancalagon says:

    It’s honestly a very cool move of you to announce this to us in advance, and offer us the option to participate if we have any ideas. I’m looking forward to these next months!

    • LocustSaddle says:

      I can’t imagine the excitement he’ll feel as he counts it down.

      30 videos, halfway there.
      12 videos, just one season left
      4 videos, last month
      last video uploaded….holiday

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