I Can’t – Saturday Night Live

I Can’t – Saturday Night Live

Three coworkers (Bobby Moynihan, Dakota Johnson, Cecily Strong) just can’t even when it comes to their coworker Margo (Aidy Bryant) and her two broken arms.

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12 Responses

  1. Manuel says:


  2. Jennifer L. says:

    Oh wow the way people talk now days I can’t even 

  3. Nathan Weisser says:

    Great job NBC! You’re like a year late to the party, but I applaud you for
    making fun of your own demographic. Way to go!

  4. Eve Cornwell says:


  5. TheAgentAssassin says:

    like I don’t even can cannot love this skit

  6. Jo says:

    Omg…I can’t

  7. pointlessfailure says:

    This is a direct rip off of a viral video by Sam Tabor. It’s called “I
    can’t even”. Pretty shameless.

  8. DaveDaShrubber says:

    So … why can’t someone walk across the room and shut the window? It’s a
    pretty stupid sketch.

  9. Zachary Cramer says:

    Lol I love snl 

  10. miss october says:

    “Literally” has become the new “Like”.

  11. Daniel Marquez says:

    Pretty sure Margo can go several weeks without eating.

  12. Phillip Blake says:

    This SNL episode was actually funny, is SNL BACK??